Universal Designs leather stormtrooper armor jacket at SDCC

Might have to try to have another try at convincing my wife to let me get a motor bike so i can tell her i NEED one of these! Simply amazing work as per usual from UD.

Might have to try to have another try at convincing my wife to let me get a motor bike so i can tell her i NEED one of these! Simply amazing work as per usual from UD.


I know what you mean...I actually have 4 cycle jackets (one with armor) and no motorbike!

When I was shopping for a bike all I could think is that I was going to paint it white with black wheels and do some TK details to it to make it a Stormtrooper theme bike...now with this jacket....that might be too much. Might have to go with a Speeder bike type theme, ahha.

Is it backwards that we will end up getting a bike to go with the jackets?
Whoah now that is just cool! Makes me want a motorcycle even more! I'd rock this thing all the time. I'm with Bandit Jedi, Id end up buying a bike that matched my gear if I owned this.
I'm really liking the ribbed neck seal too. Nicely done on all the details. I don't ride motorcycles, but I would wear this around!
Hey Everyone!
I have a few minutes before my flight boards so here's some pics of our STAR WARS line. Big thanks here to Darth Paul. :)



The sleeve ribbing seen on the Ceremonial jackets is a really cool and predominant detail in the SW universe, so we added it in the side of this jacket inseam from the armpit down to the waist line...a thinner rib detail, but really cool and fits the design beautifully.


Vader not included...yet.:angel


I really need to thank Darth Paul for the in jacket pics with make up, and the Slave Lea's for their enthusiasm, professionalism and being just so darn cool with our jackets for the Lucasfilm evening Fashion Show.
More to come...

All of the leather 'armor' is form molded. Rigid but flexible, and lightweight overall. Not thin or flimsy, and certainly protective. We're still working with Gino on some of the visible details but overall we're pretty much there.

Here's a few more pics..








If you have any questions just fire away.


Man it looks likeyou guys had a great time at Comicon!

Those jackets look awesome, just awesome. I know there is no way I can afford to get all the stuff you make that I want. I guess that's a good problem to have :)
I'd love to see some photos with the jacket open, i.e. not zipped up. And, no, not because those beautiful girls are wearing them! What's the jacket lined with? How about pockets? Any chance of getting a ballpark price so that I can sock away some extra cash when it gets released?
man just imagine the look on the peoples faces after i get struck on the freeway. thinking "omg...i just killed a stormtrooper!"
I like the black jacket with the Imperial logo as well. I have been looking to replace my current leather jacket I wear and the Imperial one would be great.
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