Uncharted: Nate Drake Outfits (PIC HEAVY)

By this, I mean LINKS to where you BOUGHT your pieces. Think about this like a pool of research and opinions on the outfits from ALL the games.

I figured this would be a good idea, since trying to find all the pieces to one outfit can be a chore.

I'm using the stuff I got. I'm on a budget, but thankfully, this isn't THAT expensive of outfits.

I'll start:

UNCHARTED: Drake's Fortune


I picked this shirt because it's light, it has a great texture, and it looks the part. And it's only $5!
Buy This Shirt Here


I picked these jeans because they have the EXACT pocket stitching design on the back of Nate's jeans. I know, expensive, but for my money, I'm buying his jeans.
Buy These Jeans Here


The buckle. 'Nuf said.
Buy This Buckle Here


CHECK THIS OUT!! It's even called the "Drake Universal Model"! It's not as exact as Leatherworker's, but apart from the NDI on the back, it looks JUST like the holster in the game!
Buy This Holster Herer

For the first game, Nate doesn't wear a watch, like in 2 or 3. He has a leather cuff. The best one I've seen is Leatherworker's custom one.

RPF Thread About The Cuff


I know I'm gonna catch flak for this, but for my money, I want to be able to actually USE everything I buy for more than just looking the part. Nate is all about adventure! I should be able to use his gear to go on my own adventures! So I went with these. The design was adopted by the French Foreign Legion after WW2, so I fully believe Nate could be wearing a custom pair of these, instead of the Converse. My two cents, anyway...:)
Buy These Shoes Here


This one is optional, as he doesn't have it throughout the game. But still, its cheap enough for me!
Buy This Flashlight Here


Obviously not gonna post up links to purchase real guns, but this link lists all the guns used in UDF, with photos of each AND ingame screenshots. Very useful!
Check Out Drake's Guns Here

Overall, this outfit is open to interpretation and customization. I'm just posting this for others if they want a good place to start.

OK, who's got their PERFECT Uncharted 2: Among Thieves outfit?:love
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Pitfall Harry

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I *personally* would use the white shirt for an undershirt because it's a little to thin to be used as the one he wears in Uncharted 1. To me the one in the game looks like a mid-weight white crew neck sweater.

I believe ND modeled all of Nate's jeans after Diesel jeans. Again, I personally wouldn't spend over $35 on a pair of jeans, especially ones you're going to be out running around in. $128 jeans are for people who are in clubs trying to impress the people they're trying to hook up with. LOL

I own that eBay "Drake Holster". I got it as a birthday gift and even though I appreciate it as a gift it's really NOT worth the price. In fact I had to "fix" mine when it arrived because the person who made the holster forgot to add one snap to the holster and the snap on one of the ammo pouches broke. It's not a bad "cosplay holster" but beyond that it's pretty useless. I'd say it's also a cross between the Uncharted 1 and 3 holster.

I picked up the flashlight at a local store for $10. It's a good light but doesn't have a very bright beam. IF you're really out exploring you'd probably be better off having a mag light with you instead.

Avoid those boots you posted like the plague. They have horrible reviews. I found them a while back. You more or less might as well throw your money in the toilet and flush it. They fall a part fairly quickly and the soles are super cheap.

Drake's not wearing Converse in the games. I thought that a while back until I ran across these.

PF Flyers Center Hi | PF Flyers

I just bought a pair of those and they're perfect for both Uncharted 1 and 2. If you look around the site you'll see others that look damn close to the ones he wears in UC3 and Golden Abyss.

In fact I own a pair in this color too. PF Flyers Center Hi | PF Flyers Although, the color in person is more tan and brown. The color on the website looks washed out.
Ah, I knew if anyone would be the go-to-guy on this, it'd be you, Harry:lol

I picked that shirt due to the fact that in UDF, Drake spends almost all of his time in tropical climates, constantly running or jumping or fighting. With a shirt like that, plus a thick leather holster on, you get pretty hot, pretty quick. With a sweater on, he'd probably get heatstroke in the first few chapters.:)

Thanks for the info on the palladiums and that holster! I had no idea they were cash-suckers....:angry:angry:angry I'll be avoiding those in the future, that's for damn sure!

As for the jeans, I agree that paying that much is borderline brain-dead, but I have some compelling evidence that they aren't Diesel...

Pocket stitching design is a one-of-a-kind design. Since Diesel never released jeans with that pocket design, I believe that the previous info about them being based on Diesel jeans is false. Only one kind of jean has the pocket design: AX.:love

Those PF Flyers are AMAZING! Can they handle hiking/climbing? I picked the palladiums thinking they'd be able to handle that.....French Foreign Legion...

As for the flashlight, I'm sure some modelers/builders here could fix that dim bulb problem. Hell, probably wouldn't be TOO hard, could it? (famous last words...)

Pitfall Harry

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As far as the PF Flyers go I haven't really had a chance to test them out yet beyond just every day wear. I believe they've got thicker soles that the Converse's I own. They are canvas so they aren't waterproof unless you waterproof them with some spray. I haven't done that yet and let's be honest it's not going to do a heck of a lot of good if you step in a stream or deep puddle because you're foot is going to be soaked.

I actually replaced the bulb in the flashlight with a brighter one and it didn't make much of a difference. I think it's got something to do with how much wattage the flashlight puts out to begin with.

Don't get me wrong it's a good flashlight on it's own but the mag lights would probably be something I'd grab over this if I was headed out to explore some dark caves or something.
Good to know about the flashlight. I'll keep that in mind before I take it camping.

Canvas shoes + water = bad. Spray or not, I've seen the canvas ones get SOAKED through before with the spray on them. Problem is the eyelets. Wonder if they make waterproof socks....

Pitfall Harry

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Good to know about the flashlight. I'll keep that in mind before I take it camping.

Canvas shoes + water = bad. Spray or not, I've seen the canvas ones get SOAKED through before with the spray on them. Problem is the eyelets. Wonder if they make waterproof socks....
From what I gather the PF Flyers are kinda Converse clones. I'm not sure which company actually appeared on the scene first but both have been around for a long time. Both companies primarily sell basketball shoes and that's what these are. So, truth be told they're not something I think would hold up to well over long periods of time hiking. Of course I could be wrong.

Someone online mentioned the nice thing about these shoes is that if they get dirty you can just throw them in the wash because they're canvas. I guess that might be a sign that if you do happen to get them soaked you can just let them dry out and they'll be fine.

Nate REALLY does not wear the type of clothing that's practical for the type of environments he finds himself in. I think ND decided that they'd rather just kinda gloss over what would be practical for him to wear over what looks cool.

I've been noticing as I search around for his outfits that a lot of his stuff tends to lean toward the "vintage style" The old school shoes....the leather wrist band in the first game and the the leather cuff watches. This was the type of stuff my dad wore when he was younger. LOL

Pitfall Harry

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I shot a few quick pics of my Uncharted: Golden Abyss outfit today. Here are the shots.

The backpack is not the right color, Nate's is burgundy in the game. This however is close to the overall look and I liked the color. It's a really nice pack I got from Eddie Bauer, it was on clearance and cost me $20. :)

The watch I got off of eBay a few years back for $160.

Leather Cuff Watch Nathan Drake style Freddie Matara Custom NYC USA | eBay

Brown long sleeve t-shirt I got at Wal-Mart for $10. They're no longer available.

Tan Henley I got from Eddie Bauer. It cost me $20. That's a seasonal item as well and no longer for sale.

Jeans are just an old pair I got from JC Penny's for $20....

The shoulder holster is my Galco Pt92 rig I got a few years back for $150. It's got the wide straps on it and I bought those separate.

Leather necklace I made from old scraps of leather I got from Michael's Craft store. The ring is the Drake ring from Shapeways. I think it's the original one, not the new ones.

Belt Buckle is of course the UC3 buckle I got with my collectors edition. I'm still not sure what buckle Nate's actually wearing in Golden Abyss. I had this on my belt anyway so I just decided to use it.

The machete I got from Wal-Mart for $20 years ago. It was originally used for my Indy TOD outfit.

The shoes are also PF Flyer's.....PF Flyers Center Hi | PF Flyers

My gun is a Airsoft chrome Beretta 92fs. I got it off the web for $20.

Now that is a SOLID outfit, Harry! (y)thumbsup:thumbsup

Comparison for the sake of the folks reading who don't know what Nate looks like in Golden Abyss....

I know it's not an ingame shot, but it is the official cover for the game. Looking at the ingame stuff I can find, his shirt looks like it has contrast stitching on the cuffs and around the neck. And he has 5 buttons. Maybe they're beta screens? Maybe the cover is just off? :wacko

Not sure what to think about the GA outfit, primarily because I haven't played it myself. If I can say anything about the official cover, the buckle looks a bit different, doesn't it?:cool

PF Flyers! The OFFICIAL Nathan Drake shoe! Ha!:lol:lol:lol

Pitfall Harry

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The cover art on the box is pretty close to what he wears in the game. However the holster is not a deep brown color like it is in the art and although the buckle is different in the art on the box I, as of yet , have not been able to confirm for sure that same pattern is on the character in the game.

The game uses a lot of UC2's overall gameplay and style. There have been moments I've gotten glimpses of the buckle and when I have the pattern on it looks like the "Rising Sun" and not what you're seeing on the box.

I almost thought Nate was wearing muddy white tennis shoes in the trailers for the game. Once I got it and I was able to examine them closer I realized they were muddy but the underlying color was a light brown or tan and of course they looked like the PF Flyers.

When you play the flashback levels of UC3 you can see the character clearly has a thing for the Converse/Pf Flyer style of shoes and I think this has supposed to have been something that's stuck with him his whole life. That's why I firmly believe that's what he's wearing in all the games.

The Golden Abyss game is pretty cool and there's stuff I'd love ND to carry over into Uncharted 4.....especially the "bounties" you pick-up from killing the bad guys along with exploring the environments and taking pics with his camera.

I'm only on like chapter 14 and there's 35. One of the cool puzzle's I ran across is a blank piece of parchment I found. I had to reveal the image on it by shining an actual light on the back of my Vita. Once I moved the light around on the back the image slowly started to materialize. Probably one of the coolest "tech gimmick's" I've seen in a while.

There are rumors they're going to add Nate's Golden Abyss skin to Uncharted 3's multiplayer. I'm hoping the do so I can get a better look at his outfit, especially the buckle. :)
After looking at numerous pictures for Golden Abyss (ingame, cover, and promo art), I'm convinced that the buckle is a scorpion. Here's a couple pics where I outlined the "scorpion" :

Cover Art Shot

In Game Shot

I know, it's flipped. Maybe it spins?:lol:lol:lol

Thoughts on this? Am I just seeing things?


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Love all the threads. Would it be best to have dedicated threads for each game/outfit. I know each game has some different outfits in each one. U3 has the white box cover and the green henley/jeans.
Love all the threads. Would it be best to have dedicated threads for each game/outfit. I know each game has some different outfits in each one. U3 has the white box cover and the green henley/jeans.
I was hoping this thread would be the definitive place to find ALL the pieces for your Uncharted outfit, instead of like 4 or 5 threads to dig through. I'm trying to put together the links for the Uncharted 2 outfit now, so gimme some time and I'll put that up soon!

Pitfall Harry

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HAhahaha....Holy crap! You guys are good. I would NEVER have guessed that was a scorpion on the buckle but I think you guys nailed it. :)

Also, I don't find it coincidental at all that the "frame" of the buckle would be identical to the U2 buckle. As I said above, a lot of this game borrows heavily from Uncharted 2. This right here just confirms it in my mind.

By the way the Scorpion buckles are pretty bad ass. I think it's time to order one. :)
Scorpion buckle does look pretty badass:cool

As for the Uncharted 2 outfit, let's begin:

Shoes: See above (PF Flyers)

Jeans: See above (JC Pennys)
*Note - I've seen brands like Quiksilver, BDg, and Gap have the same sort of pocket design seen in Uncharted 2 (straight line across the back pockets), so you have a lot of choices.

Watch: See above (Matara Design)

Necklace: See above (Shapeways)

Henley (Overshirt): See above (Old Navy)

Undershirt: See above (Sears)



Leatherworker's custom design. No other holster I've found comes close.

Hip pouch:
Ebay Pouch
Pitfall found this one (check out the Hip Pouch thread for Leatherworker's progress on the exact pouch).
It looks pretty damn good and it's not too expensive. Buy This Pouch From This Vendor


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Just a note to Nathan Drakes watch:

Matara design produces outstanding quality, but the design is not really screen accurate. There are several details which were not realized. Given that anyone cares about such subtleties, you find more info, discussion and pictures in the "Uncharted - Nathan Drake's wrist cuffs" thread....

Pitfall Harry

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Pretty much seems to be a dead ringer to the one I own. The ONLY difference with mine is the space between the snaps on the buckle but there again that's due to the size of the custom fitting for my particular wrist size and has nothing to do with a design flaw.

Looking at the images above the face of the watch is identical as well. The design is a smooth circular finish. The Swiss Hunter faces look like that and would make sense due to how much of a beating the Swiss watches can take.

On a side note Matara offers the "prototype watch band" seen in early still shots from Uncharted 2. I kinda like the design a little better than the one they went with. It would be a cool alternate one to have. :)

Pitfall Harry

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I think something else needs to be pointed out, and I know "some" are going to argue that since it's multiplayer it doesn't count, but I'm going to say that it does. Thanks to the customization put into the character in Uncharted 3 there are now a lot of different Nate looks you can go with that would be just fine.....colors of shirts and other stuff. In fact I picked up a pair of aviator sunglasses because they're in the multiplayer.

As far as I'm concerned the multiplayer IS a part of the game therefore anything he's seen wearing in it can be worn with the rest of his gear and it'd still be "SA"......

Let's not forget "Baseball Shirt" Drake and "Red Shirt" Drake. ;)