Unbreakble Poncho


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So I've been trying to get started on this for quite some time but my problem is that I'm very deadline oriented. Now that I have a deadline sometime between late October or mid November (haven't quite worked that out yet) I'm getting the ball rolling. I'm gonna try to get my hands on a blu ray copy and watch it just for screen caps but if anyone already has some good caps that they would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

I went down to the LA fashion district looking specifically for this type of fabric and the closet color I could find. I found this a couple months ago and the weave on the front side seems spot on to me. Trying to figure out which color is closest. From all the pictures I've seen the one on the right seems the closest. But maybe some of you Unbreakable experts could chime in. :)



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Hi ..I have an original.

On my screen the middle one seems closet. Remember in the movie the film was dulled down somewhat with filters to appear dull and grey,..so the green also looked duller.
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