Ultimate Chris Walas Gremlin 1/1 replica from the first "Gremlins" movie


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Hi Gremlins fans!

I'm proud to show you what (as a Gremlins nut, fanatic, extremist!), I consider to be the first complete and, let's say 99% faithful replica of a Gremlin from the first Gremlins movie!
It had been a dream since my childhood, and as nobody else seemed to do it, I decided to take the time (and money) to complete the project myself. However, my work as a movie and SFX maker does not allow me to stop working during the six months it would have required… so here is how I proceeded:
I decided to start from the best replica of a Gremlin that was ever available: a small and rare japanese model kit. Then I ordered a 3D scan of it. After that, I hired a 3D artist (I don't master any 3D sculpting software) to work with: adjustments after adjustments (and from every gremlin picture I could find), I guided him to catch the best likeness possible. It was very tricky as that design is quite subtle. Then, I ordered a life-size 3D print (size was calipered from an original prop). It was quite rough, and I had to polish it, then texture each individual scale of the skin. I also had to adjust and resculpt several parts and details.
In the end, I was able to mold it (the original broke into pieces when demolding!), to get this result.

So far, I have made one of these: molded in supple polyurethane foam on a wire, poseable armature, and with a removable hair stripe. The eyes have been custom ordered at a professional taxidermist and the teeth and tongue were molded from the original movie sculpt (the only original part that was possible to find).

It has been a long trip, and I can't wait to hear the fan's opinion… so feel free to let me know what you think!

It really made me smile looking at these, everything is perfect and the personality is spot on. This is the definitive replica.
I'm a HUGE fan of the Chris Walas Gremlins and Gizmo. Love Rick Baker as an artist, but the New Batch had a bit too much of a Muppet vibe, instead of a realistic feel (IMHO).

This replica is amazing!! Very, VERY well done!! :)
It's amazing how posable he is, do you have any working pics?
Pictures 5&8 are truly terrifying, I don't think I could sleep knowing he was somewhere in my house.

Wow, the quality is outstanding! Both the sculpt and the paint job.
It's like looking at an original straight off the set. Never seen a full body gremlin like it!

I want one.......seriously!

Brilliant work.
Great job! Just watched this one the other night and then have been watching the commentary with Chris Walas the past few nights. He looks super! Is there a Gizmo from the original in the works as well?
[Insert what everybody else said here]

Really cool, amazing work! Reminds me of how much this movie scared me when I was a kid. Of course, now I have it on Blu-ray.. methinks a watching is in store soon (it is a Christmas movie, after all!!)
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