Limited Run Tusken Raider helmet w/ metal parts and Rebreather option (Second Run Open)

Hello all,

Update Sept 6th:
The first run is done and people have received their helmets. If more interest comes along I’ll be up for a second run.

Some people have asked about just purchasing a parts kit. Currently there are no plans to offer a full parts kit. That being said I don’t mind squeezing a spare set or two of rebreather end caps in the next run.

Original post:
I'm wanting to do a limited run of Tusken Raider helmets with ALL METAL accent parts. I plan to build 5-10 max of these. They'll each be hand wrapped and weathered. I already have the machining figured out so it should be a relatively quick turn around time. If I can generate enough interest and start these mid-June I could have them shipping by August, barring any hangups. I already have 95% of the materials on hand, the machining is what dictates the timeline.

Its a complete scratch build based on Stormtrooperguy's AOTC model. Even though I recreated every 3d model myself and made some changes to better reflect ANH style Tuskens, I still reached out to Stormtrooperguy to get his permission. He was gracious enough to put his model out there and I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to DIY a Tusken.

About the helmet:
100% wearable has a hand sewn padded insert for inside the helmet.
The base shell - I'm settling on two methods for this right now, I've made them by printing them with 100% infill so its super sturdy and durable but it takes a few days, I may move to casting these. Currently undecided and weighing the options.
The helmet will be wrapped in a sand colored cloth.
The weathering is done with several methods including using oils, pan pastels, dusts, and acrylics.

The mouth is adorned with 3 types of leather, with the inner mouth being a dark chocolate color, and the outer wraps two shades of brown. There is more leather work around the bloodspitters that may be hard to see in the photos.

The accent pieces:
Will all be milled out of aluminum.
The eyes I initially modeled a little stubbier and narrower like the originals but I found that it was very hard to see out of, so I reverted to STGs style of eyes with some minor changes.
The nose is asymmetrical to better match the wonkiness of the original.
The bloodspitters feature the beveled lip around the edge.

Here is some pictures of a finished helmet NOTE: the accent pieces on this are resin stand-ins that have been painted. The milled pieces will be exactly the same but made from aluminum and buffed to a finish.

View attachment 1706793
View attachment 1706794
View attachment 1706795

Now down to the brass tacks. Price will be $650usd that includes taxes and shipping if you're in the US. I will accept international orders but we'll have to do the shipping cost on a case by case basis. I intend to fully fund this myself if I can get at least 5 people signed up. So that means that I DONT TAKE PREORDER MONEY. I only accept payment after your specific build is complete, you've approved it, and ready to ship.

Payment method would be ideally PayPal business (no friends and family transactions) to protect myself and you as the buyer. I will accept other methods of payment which can be discussed in PM.

Like I said if I can get 5 people signed up I'll move ahead with this project, I'll keep the posting up indefinitely and see where it goes.

Current run is in production, I’m accepting signups for a second run after this batch. I’ll keep that open until I hit 5 signups

Please let me know if you have any questions.

View attachment 1718847
The rebreather is pending 5 signups to move forward. $150 usd. Metal neck rod and machined end caps, matching leather wrapped shell. If anyone is interested please let me know and I’ll add you to the list, helmet purchase not required. No deposit necessary
Note: Closing rebreather sign up at 6pm/1800CST July 16th

- Bones

First Run: Finished
1. Wraithride + rebreather - Received
2. smdwilliams + rebreather - Received
3. Saranac + rebreather - Received
4. Vertex + rebreather - Received
5. Pepperbone + rebreather - Received
6. Jamesfett + rebreather - Received

Second run interest:

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