Trying to find a member


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Name: Rylo.
Can't find anything to help me get in touch with him.
Search shows nothing by his posts, zilch.
I hate to ask, and I have tried other avenues. Perhaps I'm not doing something right?


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No, you're doing just fine...

It looks like Rylo requested a name change the other day, so I guess that's what's throwing you. Try: Chest Rockwell :)

As an FYI, members can search for "old names" now. Anyone who's changed their name since moving to this software gets their old name added to the "formerly known as" line in their profile.

Just click the "toggle more options" button when searching the member database and type the old name into the "Formerly Known As" field and you're on your way. (which is how I found him. :lol)



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Thanks Tom.
I really did hate asking, as I know there's functions in place to look with. I just thought that perhaps I wasn't checking off the right boxes.

Chest Rockwell?
Whatever works for him. :)


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Chest Rockwell?.

What the... ?.

Man, I didn't know Rylo, I don't know Rylo, but he just IS (or WAS) Rylo.
Chest Rockwell... sheesh... so I have to get used to it... ;)

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