Tron: Legacy costume


okay so i've been wanting to make a tron costume for a while now, i'm looking at Gem from Tron: Legacy. i need a little help though! has anyone attempted a Tron costume? what about the lights in the suits..looks really hard! Also does anyone know where i could get a white disk? i know they're selling sam's and rinzler's disks but Gem's/the siren's disks are white with white lights and i'm having trouble finding one, even online...

thank's in advance! :D
try looking for the Kevin Flynn disc, as it's white/white. Dont know how accurate you wanna be but the siren costumes were spandex with latex sprayed on them, which is the grey areas of the costume, according to what i've read in certain interviews.....but search tron on the boards and you'll find ways of doing the lights
Hello, my friend wants to do one for haloween too. I've suggested him to use EL sheets for the glowing parts see here. I'm motivated to use this material on my Iron Man costume instead of LED's.
aw cool! okay, i cannot find a Kevin Flynn disk to save my life! i can find rinzler's, sam's and clu's but not a white on white one. maybe i'll have to make one from some MDF and EL lights. i've found a full body white spandex suit from ebay. i'll buy that soon and then sew on the silver lycra parts. might put the EL lights in some frosted material..what about battery packs? Gem has a box on the lower of her back but its not big enough to hide them all, i dont think.
Hi there. I've actually made a few Tron costumes now as I love to work with EL tape/wire. The Kevin Flynn discs are rare as Spinmasters only produced a small run of them in comparison to all the others. It's worth keeping an eye on amazon as there are a few shops that sell new disks and recently went from sold out to due in stock just recently. The alternative is to get a Sam disc, tape over the inner ring and blade, then spray an undercoat in white, then give it two coats of White PlastiDip spray. This will give it the same texture the disc had before the White undercoat. You will still have a blue c ring and blade but short of recasting some clear parts it'll be closer to what your after. EL panels is the way to for the more complex shapes but make shure they are the cuttable ones with tabs all the way round. As long as your shape has one of each tab your good to go. I would go with the 12v power pack. is a good start and they will help answer any questions you might have. I put mine in the disc holder as even the 12v inverter and batteries can fit inside ok. I still added a bit of padding to help secure them a bit. If the budget fits it might be worth checking out Soulinetia on this site as he has full disk mod kits or pre made discs of all colors. He's a wanted man for these discs mind, so the waiting list is pretty heavy. Would love to see some progress pics of your build. Are you going to put some up?
Hey there! I'm actually working on a Tron Legacy Costume too. I'm doing a Sam Flynn costume and am planning on using EL panel for the lights. Like Canobi said, 12V power pack should be the way to go. I'm planning on hiding my battery pack in the black box that all the characters have on their back. It may be a bit heavy, but I can fit 2 sets of 8 AA batteries (making the 12V) in there. I'm planning on getting my stuff from here as they have been very helpful to me with answering questions. Definitely keep us posted with your progress!
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