Transforming a Batman Begins cowl into a The Dark Knight cowl


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We have one cowl mold and have decided to make the most out of it. :lol

Just wanted to share our progress in turning our Begins cowl into a TDK cowl.

Step one - slush plastic into the top half of the mold.
Step two - struggle like hell to remove it from the mold :lol


Gonna sculpt in the flared nostrils and make a few other minor adjustments. Also going to scratch build a neck. Looking for good reference if anyone has any. ;)
Thanks Ken. ;)

Bit of an update. Nose flares sculpted on and jaw on one side ground down to what we felt looked right. Then some color to see where we're at. Pretty happy so far. Now to make the other side match. :cool


Oh man. I can't wait for this to be done. If the neck pieces come out nice I'm doing everything I can to get one of these. *crosses fingers new job works out*
Thanks everyone. Clinton has been working on it off and on when he has a few minutes between helmets and/or paint drying. ;) I finally got to see it in person today and I am more than pleased. More updates to come...
I don't know if this is of any help with the back neck area

EDIT: Nevermind, I think this is of an early version. Doesn't look like the movie one.
Finally got the cowl portion of this finished of tonight. Going back out to work on the neck now and tomorrow night so hope to mold on Friday-Saturday. :)




Thanks guys. :)
Yeah like Kev said it's a fair amount of work to shrink the cowl, but If I want one I have to. My head is just too small for the reg cowls. It might not be right away as I'm pretty busy with other projects as well.
Nice work, guys. I was just wondering, if the TDK cowl has a smaller mouth opening than the Begins cowl. It always looked to me that way.
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