Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus


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Have a good shot at my transformers at an event in front of a custom "Transformers" Camaro. What an awesome car. Was nice to finally have both costumes together for a picture. Thanks.


What the.... that´s a costume?!?
I´m no big transformers fan but that is truely amazing! :):thumbsup

I´ve seen one Camaro Transformers Edition last weekend and it is a awesome car for sure!
Awesome job guys! I have a bumblebee costume myself bought it on the internet, looking forward to adding on some parts to it to make more real like, as in the movie. Guys if you know someone in LA who could help me to build parts for my costume for compensation would really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!
Oh my God. How tall are those!? They look HUGE!

I'm gonna have to learn to stilt walk to start keep up with all these guys on here now. >.<
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