TOS Trek Bridge Model


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I made this about 6 years ago...before I found all the cool info online and more accurate plans.
I still think it's cool..althought at 6' in diameter, my wife didn't. ;)

I can't get the pictures color corrected to of them was shot in different lighting
....the "red" is more orange than in the one pic.



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Oh my god. That looks more like they found a 6' doll (action figure ;) ) and put it on the full sized set. Great job.


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That is nifty.

I hear Sulu used to stick his old gum under his console.

Yes more pictures. Love to see more.

It would be fun to do a stop motion film with it.

Lord Abaddon

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Now THAT is a playset... The 9" and 12" Playmates Trek figures were, to me, the best of all figures made for any SciFi series. That set just makes them all the more wonderful. I'd love to see that bridge with a full crew...


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Awesome model.

I've been thinking of doing that in scale with the nice Art Asylum figures....


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That is one awesome set.
I've been loving scale dios for a while now, and this might be one of the cooler ones, especially because of the scale.
I don't know how many of you know about this 1/6 scale on, but it's well done as well.
i don't mean to take away from yours, but it's just someone else's great work and dedication to finishing things like this.

and i concur...let's see more pictures. :)


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Actually, I"m starting over.
I've been thinking about a "Rankin & Bass" style Trek animation for a long time and I think I'm ready to start.
I'm looking at all the great reference that's available now for the bridge, transporter, halls, etc. and plan to do many of them. If I can spare the room, I'd even like to do the engine room.

I just started the sculpting for the top 3 (Kirk/Spock/McCoy) and will be doing some armature tests pretty soon. I don't have the milling machines to do a full ball/joint armature, so I'm probably going to go with Aluminum wire.

I've thought about doing some episodes..but to start I'm just going to do some "Shorts" based on the awful albums by Shatner and Nimoy.

I'll post pictures. Wish me luck.