TOS phaser 1 paint color

Here are the 2 that I use frequently for my Phaser One’s:
  • Duplicolor DAP-1692 Gray Hot Rod Primer, or
  • Tamiya XF-63 German Grey
Behr Orion Gray is close to the Zynolyte when a satin or matte coat is added (the paint comes in gloss). This is from a line of aerosol paints found at Home Depot in the US.

In the photo below, the Orion Gray is gloss out of the can; I sprayed half the sample with Testors Dullcote lacquer since the Zynolyte dark grey primer sample is matte, and matte paints tend to look lighter than their gloss equivalent.

There is a fairly good match between the Orion Gray and Zynolyte, though not necessarily the Wand P1. A satin rather than matte coat would probably make it even closer to bare Zynolyte.


(Top two photos are indoors, with light through a nearby window.
Bottom two photos are outdoors on a cloudy day with bright indirect light.)

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