Top ten signs you're into Props "too deep"

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by moffeaton, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. moffeaton

    moffeaton Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    10. You can't fall asleep because your brain is too busy figuring out the paint scheme for your latest build.

    9. Every time you wash your hands, you think "too bad these aren't AS Handwheels..."

    8. You won't touch that box of $800 parts in the basement until you can find the "correct" $12 scope rings to complete the build.

    7. While watching Band of Brothers, you wonder if they'll show a glimpse of that sweet MG-42 Dengar uses.... Yes, you know the gun that @#$ DENGAR used and CARE about it. Lol

    6. When someone discovers a new paint or putty that is better than something you've been using for years, it's as if they found a cure for cancer. (Aves Apoxy Sculpt is the BOMB)

    5. You know more about a Derwent engine than you do about your own car's engine.

    4. That tin of Brown Bess you're hoarding is treated with more care than your diabetic buddy gives to his insulin bottles.

    3. A new bottle of superglue REALLY excites you, with its clean crust-free tip and promises of great builds...

    2. While others fantasize about winning the lottery or finding that old bathtub Porsche stored in a barn while backpacking through Europe, you fantasize about finding another Eumig for $30.

    1. You wrote this list and posted it to THREE prop boards.
  2. Jestefarean

    Jestefarean Sr Member

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  3. Watson

    Watson Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    :lol I am so guilty of #10 and #6 it is not even funny.
  4. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Community Staff

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    11. EVERY time you go to Wal-Mart you buy ALL the 2 part epoxy syringes they have whether you need them or not...
  5. sapper36

    sapper36 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Aww Crap - Do I need an intervention?

    #10 - All the time baby - Wife thinks I'm nuts.

    #9 - I can go in the kids bathroom - I installed AS Handwheels in there.

    #4 - My Brown Bess is mostly gone now - Used most of it to paint my Pulse Rifle Yeehah., Lost some on my driveway when the bottle slipped out of my airbrush - boooo
  6. tripoli

    tripoli Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You get the Irish flu so that you can be home to receive the latest prop from FedEx.

    You start posting about the delays on the shipment of the next prop.

    "Do I really need to make the house payment or get the Falcon... Oh what the heck, I can always refinance."

    "Its a great prop but using a spectro analysis, the paint finish is off from the original."

    "Its off by .005 of a milimeter."

    You have prop pictures in your wallet instead of pictures of your kids.

    You don't go to antique shows for antiques, you go looking for prop parts.
  7. MaxPlague

    MaxPlague Well-Known Member

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  8. BigDumbWookiee

    BigDumbWookiee Well-Known Member

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    - You can't watch a movie without telling at least one other person in the theater about the origins of the props. Whether you know the person or not.
  9. Jedirick

    Jedirick Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    - You are seriously considering having the entire family share one bedroom so the other bedrooms can be used for additional prop display.

    -You're reading this while at work.
  10. dropshipbob

    dropshipbob Sr Member

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    - "When you stop treating it as a hobby, and more a political event".
  11. Howard

    Howard Sr Member

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    1. You keep reminding yourself there's NO such thing as perfection...
    Yeah - right. :rolleyes

    2. You spend a day searching through eBay for a 'mystery dial' for those * hero macros, going through the listings of cine cameras, movie cameras, TLRs, slide projectors, tripods only to find a headache and eyestrain.

    3. You lay in bed dreaming one day your collection will be complete.
    Yeah - right. :rolleyes #2

    4. You wish you had a say in what a major prop replica company will produce next, and how they will do it.
    Okay - I know some of you guys do for real.

    5. You realise blank stares from members of your family and a few close friends while you blab on about your original derwent balance pipe serve only to confirm to yourself and them that you are a mad GEEK of gigantic proportions.
    Also - that said members of family / close friends who take great pains to *appear* interested, are far more polite than you for putting them through this sweaty-palmed display of uber obsession.

    6. You send out a mail shot to plumbers in your area with pictures of an old 1970s tap which you'd like them to find so you can 'finish a restoration project with a 70s theme.'

    7. Asimov syndrome. You line up more projects than are humanly possible to complete before you die, convincing yourself and your family you'll 'find the time.'

    8. You turn you kitchen into a workshop.

    9. You tell your wife, 'This is the LAST one I'm going to make.'

    10. You tell yourself, (see above).

  12. tommin

    tommin Sr Member

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    - you create a website to document and archive your discoveries...
  13. Keith

    Keith Sr Member

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    Whilst weight training in the gym, you lose count of your reps becasue your thinking about working on your prop when you get home.

  14. pyxl

    pyxl Well-Known Member

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    You know you're a "prop noob" getting in too deep when:

    - You write down every tidbit you can get like they're gold nuggets.."Brown Bess, gotta find out about that..."

    - You wade through endless arguments on various prop forums to find the good stuff.

    - You put up with endless bickering and moaning about a passion you're just falling in love with in order to view all the awesome pictures.

    - You set aside your concern from seeing multiple "The Official "@&@&head" owes me the following" lists and put out hard cash for your first big prop/model.

    - You accept that some of the "old timers" are gonna blow you off. You're new and they don't know if you're worth the time to get to know...but you keep at it.

    - You sit in amazement at the dedication and skill other fans have shown in their work...then you go try to paint that * prop AGAIN.

    - You lop off a couple fingers with a tablesaw, but three days later you're in the workshop facing facts and getting around to putting together that Meyers Jesse Viper..wondering how the airbrushing is going to be now with a tip or two missing.
  15. PodRacer X

    PodRacer X Active Member

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    You have either designed or remodeled your house with prop display space as the primary criterion.
  16. moffeaton

    moffeaton Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You lop off a couple fingers with a tablesaw, but three days later you're in the workshop facing facts and getting around to putting together that Meyers Jesse Viper..wondering how the airbrushing is going to be now with a tip or two missing."

    Lol - THAT hits close to home. Coming back from the ER after laying your hand open:
    (Click for post-op gore)

    and sitting back down in front of that Y-wing you need to finish, thinking to yourself "okay - hand is immobilized and ON FIRE, but the other one still works."


    "You have either designed or remodeled your house with prop display space as the primary criterion."

    I just BOUGHT a house in September, and the prop room was my #1 priority, heh.
  17. Jack Knight1979

    Jack Knight1979 Well-Known Member

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    Hi. My name is Nick and I'm an addict. :lol
  18. pyxl

    pyxl Well-Known Member

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    Prop friends don't let prop friends paint on Vicodin. Seriously. My polar lights Enterprise looked like I'd been channeling Jerry Garcia's tie-die wardrobe. (Did you know Jerry was also missing a partial finger?) :)

    Oh, here's my post op gore...ick.
  19. USSCassiopeia

    USSCassiopeia Active Member

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    Hey Pyxl,

    The same goes for Ambien too: :)
  20. O. F. Gunner

    O. F. Gunner New Member

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    You have more money invested in your props than your vehicle
  21. Trooper TK409

    Trooper TK409 Well-Known Member

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    18. Vast amounts of time you can't account for always occur in the vicinity of a hardware store.

    17. You have Yahoo, AIM a web browser and email, all configured to accept and organize messages from other prop makers

    16. Everyone else's desk toys in the office are 1/6 the size of yours

    15. Work is a break from reading forums or researching prop photos

    14. You take out the garbage whether it needs emptying or not, so you can spend a few more precious moments at the workbench painting one more part before your wife and kids realize you're missing.

    13. Checking the weather has nothing to do with what to wear but everything to do with whether it will be just warm enough to keep the spraypaint can from clogging.

    12. You're always thinking 3-4 projects in the future

    11. You can admit you have a problem, but as soon as this project is done, you'll "take a break for a good while."
  22. KarlBud420

    KarlBud420 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks to everyone here who makes the RPF such good reading while at work.

    And yes, I think I do have a problem like the rest of youse guys.

  23. TK1536

    TK1536 Sr Member

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    I do this every time. Devcon plastic welder is like gold.
  24. Bacara

    Bacara New Member

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    Man, this is downright scary. I closely resemble numbers 12, 13, 14, 15 & 18...

  25. Jimbo890

    Jimbo890 Well-Known Member

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    you hand drill the brass lid for a Star Trek TOS communicator. All 400 some odd holes.
  26. jedidad

    jedidad New Member

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    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    I always tell people that you know when your a fanatic about prop building is when everything you see and touch looks like it could be something that it is not. I even get the guys were I work going sometimes when looking at things. My wife just shakes her head and my daughter who's 11 is starting to do the same thing I do and it drives my wife nuts. You just gotta love that. Looking at life through prop tinted glasses (that you probably made yourself) will build you anything in life you want. Just keep building because it's fun.

    B) Jedidad B)

    "May The Prop Building Force Be With Us .....Always"

    JUDGE_HELLFAST Well-Known Member

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    OMG, this thread is somewhat fightening. :lol I need help.
  28. Well-Known Member

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    Guilty in way too many ways... :angel

  29. DLO Studios

    DLO Studios Well-Known Member

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    10,9 and 3. :D Maybe there is still hope for me.......nah.
  30. rmschneider104

    rmschneider104 Sr Member

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    Lots of guilt here.
  31. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    :lol Yeah 90% of this is me...
  32. Darth Lars

    Darth Lars Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I am guilty to 90% of above...

    I will have serious withdrawal symptomts if I can't access this site for a while... :$
  33. CMANavy

    CMANavy Sr Member

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    You finaly getting around to finishing a major prop that fought you every step of the way and was a major pain in the *. Then you buy another one just like it to do agian but a little different this time.
  34. Rogue Studios

    Rogue Studios Well-Known Member

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    11. You don't have enough money to feed your kids. (believe it or not I have dealt with folks who pondered buying something or buying food)
  35. Kris

    Kris Sr Member

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    Guilty .. at C3 I surviced by having a small breakfast, and some bags of potatochips ... way to much cool stuff to buy. :D
  36. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Sr Member

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    :lol :lol
    Man , I am so guilty of 90% of the list.
  37. TKBIG

    TKBIG Active Member

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    BTW this pic was taken months ago and while it was all cleaned up and the kitchen returned to its original function for is now in worse shape because of some new projects. But I am finally getting my own workshop built in the backyard very soon........ yeaaaahhhhhh..... :D
  38. Sporak

    Sporak Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Your Mother in law is now trained to save all plastic containers with lids...and old pieces of hose and plastic scraps...and other tubular or interesting objects...cause she knows You'll make something out of it... :lol

    And yes...trying to share my excitement over an old balance pipe with my father in law who spent most of his life as a mechanic for United Airlines... (finally I know somnething about planes)...was laughable at best...
  39. Hotshot

    Hotshot Sr Member

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    Your station wagon, kicthen, living room all become paint boxes depending on wheather.
    You refer to the coffee table as the "assembly line."
    Your carpet has more than one black paint stain
    You buy more one more kit in the middle of building the first one so you can "test some more..."
  40. racprops

    racprops Sr Member

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    I have the topper:

    You spend the last 30 years and will spend the rest of your life MAKING PROPS... full time ...all the time.

    (unless I win the AZ Lotto, and if it is big enough I will be talking to a few studios....)

    Rich aka racprops aka propmaker on ebay

    Need I say more??

  41. KevVader

    KevVader Sr Member

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    :lol .....ooops....busted.
  42. rad1701

    rad1701 Sr Member

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    I'm guilty of quite a few of those. My addition is:
    "You buy a fancy new digital camera not to take pictures of friends and family - but to take awesome pictures of your prop collection."
  43. Krel Jedi

    Krel Jedi Well-Known Member

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    This is a problem?

  44. Trooper TK409

    Trooper TK409 Well-Known Member

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    Whoa. That's true..
    OK, I got another one. This was a result of last night's meeting at work. The place I work has just put in a $50k workout room - everything you'd ever want to really pump up - to use for free, whenever we want. They even give free weight training classes. But during the class, a little voice popped into my head,

    "Sure you've always wanted the opportunity to go Schwarzenegger-crazy at a workout facility and this one's free and super convenient... but then won't your arms, calves and chest be too big to fit into that costume?"

  45. moffeaton

    moffeaton Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I can hear it now... "C-3POHMYGOD that dude is ripped."
  46. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    I bought a tin of this from a place online recently #186 yeah?


  47. Noeland

    Noeland Sr Member

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    HEY I'm taking that right now for sciatica and it's not doing she eye it for the nerve pain, it just helps me be too loethargic to care.

    For me, it's going to lowes or home depot twice a week and having never purchased a single thing from either place for home improvement.
  48. Soundwave

    Soundwave Sr Member

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    Awesome stuff guys, really put a smile on my face. :lol Keep em comin'.
  49. Uber Fett

    Uber Fett Sr Member

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    Funny enough, that's exactly what my mother has, a 1962 Porsche 356B...and it IS in the barn...

  50. Darth Kahnt

    Darth Kahnt Sr Member

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    Here's one...

    My wife was not a Star Wars fan before she met me, and still isn't. However, she can now tell you most of the major differences between ANH Vader and ESB Vader. Also, when she saw ROTS in theatre with me she commented (in reference to Vader) "he looks awful symetrical".

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