Top ten signs you're into Props "too deep"


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10. You can't fall asleep because your brain is too busy figuring out the paint scheme for your latest build.

9. Every time you wash your hands, you think "too bad these aren't AS Handwheels..."

8. You won't touch that box of $800 parts in the basement until you can find the "correct" $12 scope rings to complete the build.

7. While watching Band of Brothers, you wonder if they'll show a glimpse of that sweet MG-42 Dengar uses.... Yes, you know the gun that @#$ DENGAR used and CARE about it. Lol

6. When someone discovers a new paint or putty that is better than something you've been using for years, it's as if they found a cure for cancer. (Aves Apoxy Sculpt is the BOMB)

5. You know more about a Derwent engine than you do about your own car's engine.

4. That tin of Brown Bess you're hoarding is treated with more care than your diabetic buddy gives to his insulin bottles.

3. A new bottle of superglue REALLY excites you, with its clean crust-free tip and promises of great builds...

2. While others fantasize about winning the lottery or finding that old bathtub Porsche stored in a barn while backpacking through Europe, you fantasize about finding another Eumig for $30.

1. You wrote this list and posted it to THREE prop boards.

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11. EVERY time you go to Wal-Mart you buy ALL the 2 part epoxy syringes they have whether you need them or not...


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Aww Crap - Do I need an intervention?

#10 - All the time baby - Wife thinks I'm nuts.

#9 - I can go in the kids bathroom - I installed AS Handwheels in there.

#4 - My Brown Bess is mostly gone now - Used most of it to paint my Pulse Rifle Yeehah., Lost some on my driveway when the bottle slipped out of my airbrush - boooo


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You get the Irish flu so that you can be home to receive the latest prop from FedEx.

You start posting about the delays on the shipment of the next prop.

"Do I really need to make the house payment or get the Falcon... Oh what the heck, I can always refinance."

"Its a great prop but using a spectro analysis, the paint finish is off from the original."

"Its off by .005 of a milimeter."

You have prop pictures in your wallet instead of pictures of your kids.

You don't go to antique shows for antiques, you go looking for prop parts.


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- You can't watch a movie without telling at least one other person in the theater about the origins of the props. Whether you know the person or not.


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- You are seriously considering having the entire family share one bedroom so the other bedrooms can be used for additional prop display.

-You're reading this while at work.


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1. You keep reminding yourself there's NO such thing as perfection...
Yeah - right. :rolleyes

2. You spend a day searching through eBay for a 'mystery dial' for those damn hero macros, going through the listings of cine cameras, movie cameras, TLRs, slide projectors, tripods only to find a headache and eyestrain.

3. You lay in bed dreaming one day your collection will be complete.
Yeah - right. :rolleyes #2

4. You wish you had a say in what a major prop replica company will produce next, and how they will do it.
Okay - I know some of you guys do for real.

5. You realise blank stares from members of your family and a few close friends while you blab on about your original derwent balance pipe serve only to confirm to yourself and them that you are a mad GEEK of gigantic proportions.
Also - that said members of family / close friends who take great pains to *appear* interested, are far more polite than you for putting them through this sweaty-palmed display of uber obsession.

6. You send out a mail shot to plumbers in your area with pictures of an old 1970s tap which you'd like them to find so you can 'finish a restoration project with a 70s theme.'

7. Asimov syndrome. You line up more projects than are humanly possible to complete before you die, convincing yourself and your family you'll 'find the time.'

8. You turn you kitchen into a workshop.

9. You tell your wife, 'This is the LAST one I'm going to make.'

10. You tell yourself, (see above).



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Whilst weight training in the gym, you lose count of your reps becasue your thinking about working on your prop when you get home.



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You know you're a "prop noob" getting in too deep when:

- You write down every tidbit you can get like they're gold nuggets.."Brown Bess, gotta find out about that..."

- You wade through endless arguments on various prop forums to find the good stuff.

- You put up with endless bickering and moaning about a passion you're just falling in love with in order to view all the awesome pictures.

- You set aside your concern from seeing multiple "The Official "@&@&head" owes me the following" lists and put out hard cash for your first big prop/model.

- You accept that some of the "old timers" are gonna blow you off. You're new and they don't know if you're worth the time to get to know...but you keep at it.

- You sit in amazement at the dedication and skill other fans have shown in their work...then you go try to paint that damn prop AGAIN.

- You lop off a couple fingers with a tablesaw, but three days later you're in the workshop facing facts and getting around to putting together that Meyers Jesse Viper..wondering how the airbrushing is going to be now with a tip or two missing.


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You lop off a couple fingers with a tablesaw, but three days later you're in the workshop facing facts and getting around to putting together that Meyers Jesse Viper..wondering how the airbrushing is going to be now with a tip or two missing."

Lol - THAT hits close to home. Coming back from the ER after laying your hand open:
(Click for post-op gore)

and sitting back down in front of that Y-wing you need to finish, thinking to yourself "okay - hand is immobilized and ON FIRE, but the other one still works."


"You have either designed or remodeled your house with prop display space as the primary criterion."

I just BOUGHT a house in September, and the prop room was my #1 priority, heh.
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