Top Gun: Maverick


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I would be very bummed if Val Kilmer can't make a cameo. I know he has been through hell and back with the cancer fight and his voice is very raspy...but I hope he is in this. Also, what about Loggins? If no Loggins this movie is treading in the “Danger Zone”.


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SO many possibilities for this film...

1. Ghost Goose-Could be an Obi-Won like mentor, or maybe a scene where they'll have a tender moment making pottery together.
2. Volleyball scene
3. Buzzing the tower
4. Motorcycle ride
5. Kenny Loggins

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I thought he was going to fly a F-35 in this one?
I'm fairly sure it's a Super Hornet - The Super Hornet makes sense, since it replaced the F-14 Tomcat in 2006 and Maverick famously flew the Tomcat.

Mr Webber

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I hope Iceman is able to speak these days.
I actually saw him on a You Tube video last night that was filmed only a short time ago, he does struggle a little but said it is the result of a swollen tongue so fingers crossed it isnt permanent.


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"iceman" will fly a remote drone to back up mav at the last minute and have "minimal" screen time. but i will still watch this film regardless... :$


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Moo, did you make that? If soo could you make Goose a lil shorter? Pretty sure he wasn’t 8ft...

Great idea and very well done color and lighting wise!

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Gah... WHY?! Maverick threw the dogtags in the sea and moved on!
Best way I can justify it is by saying that in the original Mad Max, Max quit the force to “move on”, but it did not mean his story was over. I will admit that I’ve warmed up to the casting of MIles Teller, as it reminds of Creed (where a son of a dead character was created and utilized beautifully). But then again, many of us can remember what happened when Joesph K. tried his hand at following up a certain favorite 1982 classic.