Titans: Aqualad and Wondergirl costume build


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Me and my friend are going to be building the Titans Aqualad and Wondergirl costumes for MCM Comicon this October. We'll be making the costumes by using digital files and then having them custom made by zentaizone. We will then be building upon them through 3D modelling, 3D printing and assembling the costumes ourselves as well as other things. Although we won't be able to make them 100% accurate we will be aiming to make the costumes as accurate as possible and will be documenting the process throughout.


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We've started by 3D modelling the belt buckle. We began by finding a reference photo, Alena then sketched the design for the buckle and I 3D modelled and scaled it using the sketch as a reference.


After 3D printing the first model, we decided the buckle was too thin so I made some alterations and remodelled it resulting in a much better width.

We then moved onto painting it, for this we used Rub'n Buff as this leaves the 3D modelled buckle looking metallic and far more realistic.

The next step will be to get the EVA foam to make the rest of the belt and the gauntlets.
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I have 3D modelled the Wondergirl hand armour using what little reference images we have, so, unfortunately, they won't be as accurate as I wanted them to be. We will next be moving onto 3D modelling Wondergirl's arm gauntlets.
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