1. ChiCubsGordon24

    Robin Mask Molding

    Hey Guys - I have a 3D model and print of Robin's mask from Arkham Knight. I'm looking for the best way to mold and cast a flexible version of the mask to wear as a cosplay. I want to be able to make several copies of the mask because of wear. I'm thinking about molding it out of Vytaflex...
  2. alecpop

    Need Help Unfolding Red Robin Cowl in Pepakura

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could unfold this cowl for me in Pepakura for foam. I'm struggling with it and need this done for halloween this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please Pm me or simply reply if interested. Edit: have the cowl mostly unfolded but still need help...
  3. machine74

    Teen Titans: Robin accessories

    My son is going as Robin for whatever shape Halloween takes this year, and we're hooking him up with a good costume, but me being me I thought I would add some accessories to make it pop. I've seen some communicator and Robin-a-rangs on Etsy, and looking at a foam bo staff on Amazon. Are there...
  4. K

    Titans: Aqualad and Wondergirl costume build

    Me and my friend are going to be building the Titans Aqualad and Wondergirl costumes for MCM Comicon this October. We'll be making the costumes by using digital files and then having them custom made by zentaizone. We will then be building upon them through 3D modelling, 3D printing and...
  5. LordVader01

    First Batman Cowl Sculpt

    This is my first real shot at a cowl, I've only really sculpted smaller things before. I took inspiration from the new animated Batman suit and some from Greg Capullo's work, and uh, here's what I've got so far. If anyone has any critics or anything like that please feel free to let me know
  6. P

    Limited Run So you want to be Batman? I'll be your Alfred.

    Throughout many years of enjoying Batman, I've amassed quite the arsenal of Batman gadgets and props - and after 2 decades of collecting and perfecting, I'm now very happy to be opening the vault doors to you. If you're looking for a Batman gadget from Batman Forever or Batman & Robin, odds are...