1. LordVader01

    First Batman Cowl Sculpt

    This is my first real shot at a cowl, I've only really sculpted smaller things before. I took inspiration from the new animated Batman suit and some from Greg Capullo's work, and uh, here's what I've got so far. If anyone has any critics or anything like that please feel free to let me know
  2. P


    This is a full-wrap, almost complete urethane Nightwing costume! You won't find another like it, if you ever find one at all. This isn't a cheap or poorly constructed one - it's not paper thin urethane backed with almost no foam - this is as professional as you'll be able to find. Included are...
  3. P

    Batman & Robin Clooney Cowl

    A really really great casting of the Clooney cowl by Tundra Designs. Asking $180 shipped in the US, but I might be open to offers!
  4. P

    Batman & Robin Batgirl Costume

    Up for grabs is a near complete Batgirl costume from Batman & Robin. It includes the bodysuit with mounted chest armor, gloves, fins, and corset - all you'd need to complete the suit are boots, a belt, a mask, and a cape - all of which are parts that can easily be gotten (I'd recommend GC5FX on...
  5. P

    Limited Run So you want to be Batman? I'll be your Alfred.

    Throughout many years of enjoying Batman, I've amassed quite the arsenal of Batman gadgets and props - and after 2 decades of collecting and perfecting, I'm now very happy to be opening the vault doors to you. If you're looking for a Batman gadget from Batman Forever or Batman & Robin, odds are...