Tips for stilted legs and rotating shoulders for mechs?


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So one costume I've been wanting to do awhile now is a pretty big mech.

I would love to be 2' taller than I am naturally (which would be 7'6"), but might have to settle for 1.5' as there are parts that will be higher than my head and I may have to accommodate standard 8' ceilings. Anyways, for this purpose I am considering drywall stilts. But one thing I can't figure out is how to attach the costume legs to the stilts. I am just envisioning them floating in the middle of the boxy legs.

And the second part is this: I've seen big mech costumes with the shoulders attached to the chest, and the person's arm just swings freely out the bottom of the shoulder. For mine, I'd actually like the shoulder bit to be able to rotate fore and aft along with my arm, but still be attached to the chest side for support. Anybody come up with something like that? I have one idea, but don't know how it would work out in practice.

Thanks in advance!
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