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You all know this kit, of course. However, this is not the original one but its reissue. Of course, everything is still joined just as badly, but we finally have a real Darth Vader and a slightly better detailed access hatch. What I propose is to try to transform this.... dung, into something pretty good.


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First, the cockpit. The original really doesn't look like anything. I found a person on YouTube who redid the interior of the ship, I liked his idea, I copied it.
I kept the floor the front and the rear.
In fact, I cut several panels of different sizes which I glued together trying to give a little roundness to the whole.
For the rest, parts of boats at 1/350 and planes (Mig 21) at 1/72.


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I happen to have the original version and actually won an award for "out of box" (no mods/kit bashing) at a model show I stumbled upon at the Brdley air museum a couple decades ago...

Inside is looking good so far! Are you referencing the few interior shots of Vader on the trench run from the film?
Yes, and at the same time I tried to do a mix with the classic tie. It's also difficult to recreate the small rectangles and squares from which this red light escapes which contributes to the lighting ambiance of the cockpit, but I found an alternative solution that suits me.
I made some small modifications to Vader's chair, and to the underside of the access hatch.


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I don't know if it will help you, but since I'm suddenly looking into HO train stuff, I cam across micro LEDs whch come in several colors. These could be glued down and the wires run from the back or even puttied over on the surface.

Maybe you are aware of them already...

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