Tie fighter pilot/X wing pilot electronic clipboard, kneeboard?


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I can't remember. Do one of these pilots have an electronic clipboard for their flight plans or something?

I saw a post about it a couple years ago and now I can't remember. I seem to recall it being somewhere around 5" by 8", kinda simple looking.

Anyone know what the heck I'm talking about? :confused


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Frank Bono at ASAP made a kneeboard for his X-Wing pilot costume.

Thats probably what you are thinking of.


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Is that a standard part of the suit?

I looked at some pics with Mark Hamill and did not see anything like that but then i did not do a real big search.


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No, they aren't canon. It was something Frank did because he is in the Navy and saw Navy pilots with kneeboards so he extrapolated them into the SW universe.

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Okay, I am five years late but I love this topic.

Yes, all the above is true. Along with the inspiration of my stick time in a T-34C, I was also inspired by the kneeboards in the old BSG.

It was a quick but satisfying project. It is just a seperate panel that clips right into a standard military style kneeboard. It is just a scrap sheet of plastic and the left over parts, striping, and paint from building the chest box (hard to tell in this image but the panel is painted the same color gray as the chest box). The concept is that it is made by the same manufacture who produces the chest box. The display screen is simply a photoshopped image of a TIE from an essential guide made to look as if it is glowing.

If anyone has done a kneeboard or any other extra pilot related gear, I would love to see it.


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Anyone know what the old vintage calculators were for the BSG viper pilot kneeboards??

The small ones were Sharp Elsimate EL8133

What were the long Checkbook size Athena is sporting in this classic shot (Always loved her)