Tie Bomber side project


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Hey guys, chris again. As I stated in one of my earlier threads, i like to have more than one project going at a time. For one, I like to have a project to fall back on in case I either get stuck on, or board with the current project. I have always wanted to build a bomber as it has been one of my favorite ships from Star Wars, and after seeing all the cool builds on this site, I decided to give it a go.

The build will include 2 firsts for me. One, will be my first attempt at resin casting. I will be making casts of some of the smaller detail pieces using molds so generously loaned to me from Joe. And the second thing is this will be my first time doing a scratch build using all origional parts that ILM used. This will be a long build as it is just a side project to the star destroyer. Also because, as I stated in the sd thread, my building time has been cut down do to work. So anyways, I know I will have plenty of questions about this build as I go. As I said, I have recieved a lot of help from Joe already. So here we go.

I started by purchasing a few of the doner kits needed. I also bought a couple pvc pipes from home depot. i didn't want to buy a whle piece so I just bought a couple small tubes and glued them together.
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