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Hey guys, so I have wanted to build this beautiful ship for years, and now, with the departure of the Mando starfighter I have some room in my workshop, so it feels like the time to do it.
It is 3 x studio scale, from Gambody model files, which I have to say are first rate, and I will paint and weather it like the ship in the 'Terror in New York' episode where it is fired on and damaged by the US Navy who mistake it for a UFO
Of course I will put the best vehicle inside it, the Mole, and maybe do some animatronics...not sure yet
Here's what I got so far;

So here's my problem...what colour is TB2...on a Thunderbirds forum a member stated emphatically that it was Pantone 363 and there doesn't seem to be much more information or a consensus of what is right. But, this is Pantone 363 and it don't look like the Thunderbird 2 I remember from the tele of my childhood. Any helpful ideas?

Thanks for the input guys...some beautiful work there...hopefully mine will look as good

So I have used an online colour matching service and referenced the iconic ramp launch as my pic colour to clone. Hope to have the paint soon and get this puppy painted and weathered
Did you make any progress on the paint?

The colour of TB2 is one of those famously difficult things to nail (only marginally less difficult than the shape of the nose, which is almost never right) because, as has been noted, it changed quite often and the colour we know from the show is not the colour as seen on the real model.

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