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Hey staff,

Love the new layout and I believe it was a great move....

I would like to suggest removing thread ratings (stars).

The reason being, and it didn't occur to me until I saw a thread that was rated as a 1 star and really should've been a 5, that it may discourage people who deserve a good rating. Also, let's face it, there are fierce rivals on this board and some who would rate an excellent thread low, in spite. Now on to the new comers, there is probably some great talent out there, but if an older forum member (older by membership date, not age) who already has a good rep finds opposition offensive or a threat may rate badly.

I know that generally we need to get a thicker skin and there are some who get insanely offended by such minor things, not just here but in life in general. That is cool, but not in our hobby, the RPF is seen as THE premiere prop forum and I think that putting us all on an equal playing field will benefit all of us, ratings of threads I believe, may scare some talent away.

However..... If you can do a post rating, especially in the "Off topic" section, we can disagree without having to spend time making a post and, what normally aspires, days of having to spend time responding to make our point.

Just a thought.


I am in agreement 100%. Rating a thread low is no different than trolling a thread, except you get to troll anonymously.

The fact unpopular threads tend to peter out themselves is a rating system all it's own. No reason to have a new one.
I agree - its a little daft being anon and Ive just noticed a thread of mine was a 5 star - now a three. So probably someone voted a one.

Its a function I`d turn off.

Ive noticed not many people use it but you do see some good threads with one stars...
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