Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Helmet Build V2


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I just finished up my last Thomas build, which you can see here.

Although my last Thomas was a step in the right direction, there were a few areas that I wanted to improve for accuracy and overall aesthetic purposes. This new Thomas helmet of mine will be sleeker, smoother, and even more accurate than my last Thomas helmet. This one isn't for a client, this one is for me....and hey, I might even mould it as well...............

This pep is Dung0beetles version, unfolded by my good friend Cama900. I still firmly believe this is the definitive Thomas helmet pep out there.

The paper portion of this project took me about two weeks. Here are some tips on pepakura that I have found helpful.


I cut out each piece with scissors, not a hobby knife. After a piece is cut out I look over it again and make sure the lines are clean and There isn't too much overhang.

I fold all my edges with a ruler instead of scoring them with a knife, this way is cleaner, at least for me.

Before I put a piece on I make sure I know how the piece fits and what part of the model it is.....It's much easier to fix something when it's dry instead of when you already have glue on it.

I use this can buy it at Michael's.....It has a special applicator tip which makes it very easy to apply...Here's a link:

After the model is done, I take a hot glue gun and put a thing coat of hot glue over the entire inside of the helmet. It doesn't strengthen it but it helps it maintain its shape until resin.

But mostly, patience. My models usually take me 10 hours, sometimes more. And I usually stretch out the process over a few days, sometimes even weeks.


Anyways, here's the pep, all assembled.




One of my cleanest Pep jobs yet!!!! Onto to Fibreglass resin. Here are some tips on resin that I have found helpful.


Light coats! Seriously, a heavy coat of resin can very well destroy your helmet! Put it on sparingly, especially the first few coats.

Keep spreading the resin while it is still wet. If you have drips, brush them away. Don't leave any piece of the helmet dry.

I find that stroking the resin on ( like a painter ) works much better than dabbing the helmet.






There's the first coat. Went pretty well, except for some tabs coming loose while the resin was still wet. But I managed to fix it.

Well, I'm really looking forward to this! At this point in time, This is my fifth Thomas helmet in the last two years, so hopefully everything I've learned will make this helmet come out great.

But hey, it could also end up like a flaming ball of death. Who knows?

Thanks for reading, look for an update soon.
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Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

Instead of dealing with fibreglass cloth or Rondo this time, I went with Smoothcast 300. This stuff is usually using for slush casting helmets out of a mould, and it is delightfully easier than other methods I have used in the past to strengthen my helmets. I picked up this method from MrPinski, so props to him!


Mix equal parts Yellow and blue, then Voila! Liquid plastic!


After it is mixed, just slush it around in the helmet. You're gonna need a few coats, but it's worth it. If you want to know more about slush casting, I recommend watching this great tutorial from everyone's favourite propmaker, Volpin.

My Drunk Workshop: Sloshed Casting Tutorial - YouTube

Smoothcast 300 starts out clear and slowly turns white, it's actually a very cool process to watch!



So, all in all, this stuff is GREAT for strengthening your pepakura piece. Also, it's not toxic! So no need to wear a respirator.......but I would wear gloves, you don't want to get this stuff on your skin.


More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

The helmet is all strengthened and ready for filler. It's cold and wet outside but I managed to get some stuff done anyway.

My last Thomas helmet had one really annoying flaw. The sharp flat step between the visor and the dome. That feature seemed to get washed out with Bondo on my last Helmet so I am taking preventative measures to make sure it comes out sharp. That being said, painter's tape.


I hope this solves my problem.

Also managed to get some Bondo on the dome. My last helmet I kind of just did every part at once but this time I'm dividing my attention to one main piece of the helmet at a time. I'll start with the dome and move onto the face portion later on.


When mixing your bondo, make sure to take it easy with the hardener. I put a little extra in because it's quite cold outside but I could have easily gotten away with less than this. Less hardener=more spreading and smoothing time.


For future reference, I probably should have mixed less bondo but it came out quite smooth and thin.

Anywoo, here's one last black and white for yall.


More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

Weellllllllllllllll apparently my brain was not working today.

I forgot to remove the painters tape while the bondo was still somewhat soft and tacky so the tape kind of got buried beneath a lot of filler. I had to pull out the Sanding drum on my dremel to remove all the excess filler.


Derp. But other than that, the first two coats of bondo went well. I probably won't be updating too much now because I have to Finish a commission for someone, but I will work on this as soon as I get the chance!!!!

Gotta finish this Fett helmet before I start devoting a lot of my time to personal projects.


More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

Layers and layers of filler...... In thin coats that is. Also, I don't use an orbital sander, everything here is done with a sanding block and or paper. I find it easier to get round surfaces this way.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

In place of the Fibreglass resin?

I'm not 100% sure, you might want to try it on a test piece first.

But in my personal opinion, just use FG resin. It has a longer working time and it's cheaper.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

Found some time to work on Thomas. Again.

So far I have saved a ton of time on this dome....I don't know why, but it's going super quick. If everything goes according to plan the dome should be done by Monday! Yay! I finally know what I'm doing!!!


Pretty good, although the back section still needs some good ol TLC.


Marking the places I need to fill. Still got a ways to go!

Okay, now here's a scale shot.


Three things:

#1. I'm a short dude. About 5'8, 5'9....regular build. ( I'm better suited for a Guy Man costume, haha)

#2. There is no padding so that changes a lot.

#3. I have a pretty ambitious electronics setup planned for this, I'm gonna need the space anyway.

Well, that's it. Any comments, critiques? I start losing my edge looking at the same thing all day, it's always good to have a second pair of eyes look over.

More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

Finished off the dome as best as I could before I get a layer of primer on there, so today I moved on to the "face" portion of Thomas' helmet.

Starting with the upper slope. Now, I'm still paranoid with that flat step, so I taped everything off before hand with some tape.

( FYI. I am only using red masking tape because I couldn't find my standard green tape. This stuff sucks.)




Really took it easy with the filler.......My resin coats were very smooth and even on this portion of the visor, so I shouldn't need much more filler than this.

And here's a back shot....showing the smooth dome.


Smooth sailing so far. This build will incorporate some new materials for me, so look for that coming in the next few updates.

More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

another daft punk helmet, great

i kid, i kid, good to see you're working on something for yourself this time. and it looks to be coming along slowingly (i mean, with ease)

i spy your fett helmet, couldn't really miss it though creeping into the picture, and as for your post on your facebook, i dont think the hammer is the best idea you could think of for the dent, keep thinking :)
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

Don't worry, I'm not stupid enough to hammer into a plastic helmet!

And thanks rosskow!

Got the first layer of primer on the dome today.






Very smooth for my first coat of primer, pretty proud of it. This is going super fast, but i still have a few spots to fill.


More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build

No love for Daft Punk on this board, eh?

Another scale shot, this time with padding! It already looks much better.


Still a LONG way to go..........................

More to come.
Re: Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk Encore build


I continue to refine the dome,which has taken longer than necessary. I kept sanding down too far and hitting paper, so I dremeled off some of the high points from the pep model off the dome.


These were then filled with bondo, and sanded flush.

Now, I found a can of Rustoleum fast drying matte black paint that I did not know I even I had to put it to good use.





I'll sand it off later and keep filling, but I just wanted to see how it would look.


It looks good.

More to come.
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