This Is Spinal Tap 2 seems to be a go!

I'm usually against revisiting the classics but considering how many rock bands of that era are still touring, a sequel here makes total sense.

And in that regard they should title it, This is Spinal Tap: The Final Farewell Tour.
I always considered this TV special from 1992 to be an unofficial sequel. It was mostly a concert at Royal Albert Hall, but there's also plenty of "mockumentary" segments that make it feel like a sequel.
I think I watched it when it originally aired, but I also bought a dvd of it years later. It was sort of a bootleg - even though I bought it at Best Buy, it said it was an import from Japan. Knowing Spinal Tap, that could've been meant as a joke, but the quality level made me think it was true, and some company just dumped a video taped copy of the TV special onto dvd for a quick profit (I think my dvd wasn't even in stereo). They also cut out parts of it, like the intro by MTV VJ Martha Quinn.
Anyway, if you haven't seen this, and you're a Spinal Tap fan, I definitely recommend it. You get to see what the band has been up to in the years since the original film.

Found another version of the tv airing. I haven't watched either of these youtube versions all the way through to know the differences, but even though both have the original commercials left in, this one is over a half hour longer, and still seems to be missing the end. I wonder if there was a "live" version vs a paired down edit that NBC ran?
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