Thinking about a sceletor costume. need help for a good skull mask


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well, doing my war machine, im thinking about different other costumes i want to do, and seeing, that allmost noone has done this, i decided to do a sceletor costume (bad guy from he-man, for those who dont know :) )

so, basicly its a pretty "straight-forward" costume, im going for the oldschool comic look


basicly a muscle suit, blue spandex, a black speedo, and some purple cloth sewing for the cowl.

still, im not sure, how to make a good skull mask. sure, i could buy a cheap plastic one, but im rather a perfectionist, so i want this clean

any thoughts on how to do this in a good way?

so far, ive only worked with pep, and cloth, idk if there is a possible pep skull file tho, couldnt find anything yet. and im not sure if its the best way to do it either, because of detail and stuff



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Gee. I wonder why he's unemployed :sick:lol

Maybe hit up JtotheP for a possible copy of his Berserk helmet. I don't know that he is even selling, but this could be suited to work beautifully for Skeletor.



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I like the foam latex idea and may be a good solution for actual jaw movement.

Funny I see this thread this morning. I was actally cleaning out my garage just last night and found some old pictures from back in the day when I did this costume. Probably around the time the He-Man cartoon first came out, cause I looked to be about 8-9 yrs old. Granted it was a glow in the dark Yellow plastick Skull mask.... but I had high tech electronics I added (a.k.a- sunglasses with an LED in the middle of each lense for light up eyes.) :lol

Now, i'm going to have to snap a pic of the still or scan it to post, just for a good laugh, but a good thread to add it to. Will post when I get home.

Good luck. I think it would be a great costume to do.
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