The_Night's Saber Thread

The Night

Hey guys, this is my first post on here. Some of you may know me from some of the saber forums, i go by The_Night on FX, TCSS, and saberforum and i'm glad to be here now too.

This is where i will be posting the sabers i make/ own :)

Here is my first "real" saber i ever built. its a korbanth ls6 with a petit crouton sound board and a p4 green LED. this one is my baby, and will probly never go up for sale. lol, i am planning on doing a few changes to it soon.

I have several other sabers ATM but i need to take and upload pics of them. I will keep this updated periodically so stay tuned :)

Anything you want to know feel free to ask

The Night

My sister and i have both always loved SW, and since i started building sabers she asked me to build her one for her. since her favorite character is Princess Leia she decided she wanted her hilt, everything else she left up to me to decide. i picked up a SF hilt second hand and it sat around for a while after that. about a month ago i was on vacation from school and was changing jobs so i had some free time and decided to do an install for her. so here is my sister's saber :)

SF Leia Hilt
PC-U Running Madcow's Heirloom
Sky Blue LED
Custom Kill key by Arkhan

The Glams:



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On the Leia, it looks to me like the control box is floating above the hilt (or not secured flush to the hilt). Is it?


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Welcome aboard Night! I've seen you on the other boards, glad you joined up here as well. There are a lot of saber enthusiasts here as you can see. You have a great collection going.

I'm directorcass over on saberforum and robiwon on FX and here.