The worst E11 ever

Major Tom

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ive seen this allot
makes me ill every time i see it :c
looks like play dough with straws
just for you that ones in a lifetime opportunity

oh god lol

Mean Obiwan

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They need to lay off selling them. I've had the notion of selling some stuff I've made, but if it turns out less than stellar, I wouldn't make some poor collector give me money for a bad product. Customer service, man. You wanna make money off of your work, make stuff that people will really want to buy. And give them their moneys worth and more.


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A blaster that was recovered from the destruction of Death Star would have looked better and more accurate.


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What a complete load of ******, it looks like a load of old toy guns and PVC pipe badly glued together and then painted by a monkey, if anyone actually buys these then they really deserve a massive smack on the back of the head for being so stupid.

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