The worst E11 ever

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by madmax, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. madmax

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  2. blue2k

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    Looks like a heavily modified Hasbro E11 toy. Quite a poor copy.
  3. madmax

    madmax Sr Member

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    I find it sad that someone will buy this,most people don't know a thing about good props,plus it is a total rip off.
    I'm lucky i have 2 sterlings and made a few E11's with the old Blaster builders files,and a old doopydoos kit
  4. TazMan2000

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    But the ad says " Best blaster on E-bay..."
    Why would they lie?

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  5. Yorkie Fett

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    Says that 3 have already sold. Ouch!
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  6. James Kenobi 1138

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    If you want to see true over-priced garbage go to Esty and search Steampunk Gun, Steampunk Blaster, or Steampunk Lightsaber.

    $75-$100 will get you a plastic Hasbro or Nerf toy painted gold with gears glued on the side.

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  7. Prototypical

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    How can they be "exactly like the pictures" YET have "Slight Variances" ????? :confused
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  8. mugatu

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    I thought you were exaggerating in the thread title...NOPE!
  9. matty matt

    matty matt Sr Member

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    Come on guys. Take it easy. They looked at hundreds of pictures. Pictures of what, I don't know. But they looked at pictures.
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  10. gunnerk19

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  11. Sith Lord

    Sith Lord Active Member

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    They do like the word Amazing!
  12. dbuck

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    I was thinking....hyperbole.

    Nope. It just may be the worst e-11 ever.
  13. Timmythekid

    Timmythekid Sr Member

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  14. ARKM

    ARKM Sr Member

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    Meh. I can make worse. Oh wait, that's not the point. ;)

    You know there's this thing called "taking pride in your work". I take pride in mine. Apparently this ebay seller does not take pride in his/hers. I guess if I ever get poor enough to throw pride out the window, there's some twigs in the back yard and I have some tape laying around somewhere. I guess that could make an E-11.
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  15. Luke the Belter

    Luke the Belter Well-Known Member

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    :facepalm It's a shame. Saw this ebay store before and thought they couldn't be honest.
    Compared with the Luke and Dooku saber they are selling the E-11 is really nice ;)
  16. jkno

    jkno Master Member

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    This blaster is Fantabulous:


    Al Bundy 11.jpg
  17. RogueTrooper

    RogueTrooper Well-Known Member

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    I have to agree. It is the worst e11 I've ever seen. It's $65 and they've sold three of them:facepalm........shakes head and walks away......
  18. SofaKing01

    SofaKing01 Master Member

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    That's funny! :)
  19. madmax

    madmax Sr Member

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    It's £65.00 thats $101
  20. jkno

    jkno Master Member

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  21. griffinx1

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  22. Major Tom

    Major Tom New Member

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    ive seen this allot
    makes me ill every time i see it :c
    looks like play dough with straws
    just for you that ones in a lifetime opportunity

    oh god lol
  23. ocbuckeye

    ocbuckeye New Member

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  24. Hanslow

    Hanslow Member

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    I don't even know why this is a thing O_O such a waste...
  25. Mean Obiwan

    Mean Obiwan Well-Known Member

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    They need to lay off selling them. I've had the notion of selling some stuff I've made, but if it turns out less than stellar, I wouldn't make some poor collector give me money for a bad product. Customer service, man. You wanna make money off of your work, make stuff that people will really want to buy. And give them their moneys worth and more.
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  26. jkno

    jkno Master Member

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    A blaster that was recovered from the destruction of Death Star would have looked better and more accurate.
  27. PapaEcho

    PapaEcho New Member

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    What a complete load of ******, it looks like a load of old toy guns and PVC pipe badly glued together and then painted by a monkey, if anyone actually buys these then they really deserve a massive smack on the back of the head for being so stupid.

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