The worst E11 ever


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I find it sad that someone will buy this,most people don't know a thing about good props,plus it is a total rip off.
I'm lucky i have 2 sterlings and made a few E11's with the old Blaster builders files,and a old doopydoos kit

James Kenobi 1138

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If you want to see true over-priced garbage go to Esty and search Steampunk Gun, Steampunk Blaster, or Steampunk Lightsaber.

$75-$100 will get you a plastic Hasbro or Nerf toy painted gold with gears glued on the side.

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PLEASE NOTE:- This product looks exactly like the one in the pictures provided.
Every item is hand finished so there may be some ever so slight variances.
How can they be "exactly like the pictures" YET have "Slight Variances" ????? :confused
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Meh. I can make worse. Oh wait, that's not the point. ;)

You know there's this thing called "taking pride in your work". I take pride in mine. Apparently this ebay seller does not take pride in his/hers. I guess if I ever get poor enough to throw pride out the window, there's some twigs in the back yard and I have some tape laying around somewhere. I guess that could make an E-11.
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Luke the Belter

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:facepalm It's a shame. Saw this ebay store before and thought they couldn't be honest.
Compared with the Luke and Dooku saber they are selling the E-11 is really nice ;)


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I have to agree. It is the worst e11 I've ever seen. It's $65 and they've sold three of them:facepalm........shakes head and walks away......