The "Worldcon" find of Blade Runner Studio Scale miniatures pictures

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It's all over facebook now. Someone has made a public imgur album full of never-ever before seen slide scans of pictures from Blade Runner Model shop. 90% of this material has over 150 images never been seen before. This is even bigger than the pics posted in Doug Trumbull's, as you have many closeups of each specific models: Hero Spinner, 12" Spinner, the Alfa Romeo Spinner, the Lobster Spinner, the Truck, Tyrell's pyramid, Tyrell's pyramid landing pad, the Blimp... all cristal clear.



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that is a incredible range of clear.such amazing model work.great to see this stuff coming on line.wonder what else is out there to be re discovered.


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Now THAT was mind blowing! Thanks for the link.
That special issue of Cinefex on Blade Runner was pretty astounding. These pics are a great addition. Wow.


What an incredible week. Those pics r AMAZING!!!! Would have been awesome to be apart of that team of talented model makers.
Thanks for sharing.


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This is exactly why I love this hobby. Things like this are being discovered 30-40 years later. So cool.
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