The Walking Dead Season 3


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It was pretty depressing but I guess if a show can make you feel that way, then its a good show!


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"edge of your seat."
"no one is safe."
"GREAT episode."

I agree.
And I heard those same quotes many times as the Nu Battlestar Galactica was on the air!


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Depressing episode, but like someone else said, the last few episodes were better than the whole 2nd season.


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It was a joke about the fact that

Tdog and Andrew got killed

The episode was hardcore depressing though.
I'm sorry, Scareb. It would be funny if it were true (I agree, the episode was depressing as hell), but I will admit, when...

T-Dog got bit, this was what popped into my head:

BTW, was there anyone else who knew right away who it was that let the Walkers out at the start of the episode? I mean, I knew instantly who it had to be.

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Holy S**t, Cant believe this episode! I kinda saw T-dawg's deaths coming with the intro of Michone and the other black inmate (as raceist as that may sound) thats just how shows seem to be. Also mind boggled about the whole Lori situation. I kinda feel like she might still be alive and maybe Carl didnt have the heart to do it and just busted off a shot at the cealing to make maggie think he did it. It never shows a flashback of the body and lets be honest, if they showed the entire bloody c-section dont you think they woulda showed Carl putting her down, or at least flashed back to the body? I cant wait till next week so hopefully we can get some answers and make sence of all this.... I dont read the comics at all but any insight from anyone on here would be awesome, im curious to see what everyone else is thinking!


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I'm really kind of unsure if Carl actually killed Lori. I mean he was very quick to tell Maggie that he was the one to do it. Also you don't see him actually shoot her, just the noise. Not to mention he was stone faced after the shot was fired and when Rick broke down. Then again, maybe he did it and this is the beginning of the cold Carl from the comics.


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Whoever wrote this episode is racist.
seems im not the only one noticing the seemingly unintentional affirmative action going on here, lol.

Maybe next we can get sword girl eaten, blown up, lit on fire, flash fried... The permanent smelling farts face doesnt play well with others. Its like someone in the casting dept looks for this in potential irritating characters.


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i was talking to a buddy about the whole race thing several days ago.....season 2 T Dogg barely had any screen time and said a handful of words......

season 3.....4 african americans were added....... 3 of them are convicts and 2 of them died already......

samurai girl is not working...maybe poor acting or character is poorly written on the show

i had a feeling t dogg was going to replaced by michonne....but now seems he is being temporarily replaced by Oscar....

plus....the women are poorly written on the show....maggie is the only likeable female character.....carol is getting a lot better.....andrea is getting more annoying...didnt even know that was possible......

even though the series has a few flaws...season 3 is great...

only disappointment i have is T Dog...i wish they kept him around longer...really wanted to see how him and merle were going to get along

also.....number 1 rule in surviving the zombie apocalypse is never question Rick....Dale question Rick regarding Randall.....ends up dead.......Shane questions Rick......ends up dead......T Dogg questions Rick.....dead dead dead.......

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Wow. That was the most intense episode in television I have seen in years. Very depressing. And fully agree about Rick breaking down. Hard to watch cause I would not even want to imagine how that'd feel.


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It was a sad episode , but the new black guy better watch out he just got promoted he got his Red Star Trek shirt you know what happens after that, Oh no! Lol.