The Ultimate X-Wing Pilot Thread


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Well, I wanted to get cracking on doing an X-wing costume. So far, I've managed to track down some of the parts needed, traded for some molds [Thanks Badger!] and now I'm ready to start making the other parts of this costume.

I'm making my own sculpt of the helmet, but thought this might be a good place to list some sources for doing your own.

The helmet that was used in the films was an military AP-H6, and you can still find them from time to time. Look for the Ram horn version, a "B" or "C" variant if I am not mistaken.

Vietnam Flight Helmets- 800-351-4898 has some Vietnam vintage ones.

We all know of Richie's Armor, and he can convert one for you!

The chest box I've got, but here is a detailed guide on how to make your own: The Leading Dagobah Swamp Site on the Net

The Code Cylinders I have, but can be made from dowel rods and washers.

The signal Flares look pretty easy to make: The Leading Dagobah Swamp Site on the Net

The Legstraps/Equipment harnes, looks to be made from car seat belt material.

The boots are similar enough to the East German Jackboots, so thats what I'll be using:

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Sportsman's Guide - Discount Hunting Gear, Discount Hunting Boots, Discount Shoes, Discount Ammunition, Discount Ammo, Discount Boots, Military Surplus, Outdoor Gear at The Sportsman's Guide

The gloves: [look at the $20 version without studs]

The flack vest, since I can't sew to save my life, any ideas? The Leading Dagobah Swamp Site on the Net

The flight suit, well I'm still looking for an off the shelf version, but so far a "Dickies" work coverall converted looks promising.

If you have any tips on how to make this costume, patterns to share, or services to offer, here might be a good place to list it.

Thanks to The Leading Dagobah Swamp Site on the Net !

One More: Ejection Harnesses:
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Great thread - as you know I'm putting together an x-wing costume too so it's a case of great timing. :)

A few useful links:

I built my helmet from a kit, it's on Jez's site ('bout 3/4 way down the page):

I'm planning to make my jumpsit from two orange coveralls using the pattterns on the echoebaserebels site.




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I'l throw my 2 cents in.

When I did mine (now sold), I had these peices or made it this way... if it helps.

my costume:

1- had one of Richies helmets from their first runs- Very nice. a Real AP would be only thing better IMO.


(looks bad in pics, cause it was packed away and the loops got squished)

I made this with white canvas and white satiny material. I cut the vest front and back patterns out of the white canvas.
Then took the white satiny material (not cut- and oversized) and sewed it to the top edge of canvas vest pattern.
I took a round metal rod (thin) and inserted that between the 2 peices of materials.
After over lapping the rod (creating a loop) I used strips of "hem tape" between the 2 peices of material, and ironed it down in place. Repeat this process by pulling out the rod and creating each loop. Use pictures to go by, and make the loops at the top- leave gap, and go on with more loops. After that, I trimmed down the stain material to match the Canvas pattern below. Once you have the look you want with the hem tape holding it in place, proceed to sew together under each "loop".
I added a canvas belt material to the back side with a "d" ring buckle, and a metal push shape to the sides. (got these from the thrift store..on an old camera bag).
Once that was all done, I just added white ribbed "stretch" material for the shoulder pieces to connect the front and back.

Boots: had German black high boots that did the trick

Flares: Used wooded dowel. Sanded down the edges to round them out and painted silver/grey

Strapping for flares: Used same white canvas material and wraped each flare in, then sewed together.. once done, dyed an army greenish color with Rit.

I used grey seatbelt material for the strappings. I went to a junkyard and cut it out of a car.. didn't get charged a thing for it. Sewed it to the front and back of the vest. Then made loops and attached around the legs.

Glove: I bought a pair of harley gloves that worked well. Black leather gauntlets. Just removed the little metal harley tab/logo on the outter corner of gauntlet.

Code cylinders: made these out of a threaded rod and various size washer. Pretty easy now to find resin copies, or metal ones for sale here.

Overalls: I got a bulk order way back when for a bunch of people. There was a guy on ebay who had Orange work overalls that were used. I got 2 so one could be used for pockets and cylinder sleeve pockets. Just modified it and turned out well.

Don't think I did anything else.. My box was a Richie Chest box.

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I vacuumform my own chestboxes and make the molds out of wood. I even make a kid version for my daughter because I can't find any smaller chestbox out there.

Here are pics of the adult one that I made.



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Mr. Bojangles: Those look great. You're on ASAP Dewback Forums, right?

A lot of my references came from the EchoBase link of the Rebel Legion that was posted here. Division Six's references are part of Echo Base's as well. Hi-Impact did my helmet and chestbox. My flightsuit I modified from a flightsuit supplier listed at Echo Base. My vest I made using references from Echo Base and Division Six's references as well. I also made the ejection straps and belt. Again ejection straps info was at Echo Base. The belt though I made using references from the movie, stills and information from the Rebel Legion. My xwing tools were from our friend, elvistrooper (Kenny). Leather gauntlet gloves are motorcycle gloves I got from Ebay.

That basically covers it.

My Xwing pic from the RL

Top of Flightsuit (after my modifications) Xwing Tools (from Elvistrooper)

Creating the Flak Vest (major pain.)

Leg Flare Strap w/ mini dowels shown for belt

Belt w/mini flares (the actual metal buckle I got from Dewback Forum) Nylon webbing from StrapWorks listed at Echo Base. I bought the small grey nylon webbing for mini straps that hold the mini flares from JoAnn's Fabrics

division 6

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Guess I can post this pic.
The Helmets and my chest box are H-I pieces. my nieces box I made from scratch.
Well actually I made her entire costume from scratch in about 4 days. :eek



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I have made a couple of vests, here is one that I made for a buddy of mine.
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Mr. Bojangles: Those look great. You're on ASAP Dewback Forums, right?

Yes, Iam.

I got a few of these buckles from a company abroad. It is pretty sad that no company in the US carry them :(

Here is what I am looking for - the "insert clips" for the side vest. Anybody have pics that they can post?



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this pic was in one of the links in the first post. (hard to see it at the angle)

I went thrifting one day and found a few old camera bag/cases made of leather. They had a similar clip as seen there.. I got a few and used those. I think they they worked out great, however, I don't have a picture of the side of my vest.

check Ebay for leather camera bags.. I just found one with a similar buckle at $4.99



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Originally posted by BAlinger15@Jan 5 2006, 01:05 PM
The company that made the jumpsuits for the film is still in business..

Thanks B.. happen to know the name off hand of this company?


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Originally posted by division 6@Jan 5 2006, 03:41 PM
You can get the side insert locks for the vest  from Corellian Exports.

Oops..I almost forgot Corellian Exports. I got the insert locks and commpad from CE as well. Sorry Vince. :unsure

Mr Bojangles: you are so right on those belt buckles for the belt. I got them from Dewback as well. I could not find them anywhere on the web. Glad to see you were able to get them.


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As mentioned above in this thread. If you want to upgrade to machined code cylinders then I still have a few on hand, just shoot me a PM.