Interest The Tiles of Blade Runner 2019 and 2049

Gordon Gekko

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Gauging interest for a production run of tiles from Blade Runner.

1st up is the tile we all know and love: Deckard's apartment tile which was reproduced from a Frank Lloyd Wright design.


Next up: The tile from the Tyrell Coporation. Designed specifically for the film, but definitely keeping the FLW flavor.


And finally: The tile from K's apartment kitchen as seen in 2049.


The above tiles are the wet clay being cured All tiles are approximately 6" square and will be high fired ceramic with a gloss or matte finish. Each tile has an integrated hanger cut into the back. The Deckard tile will be a natural buff color, while the Tyrell and K tiles will be white.

An example of the finish:


And the hanger:


RIght now, I'm looking at $20 + shipping per tile and $50 + shipping if you buy all three.

Post here if interested.


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Is there any way to fire them and keep the flatt stone look? Either way, interested in a Deckard apartment one.
any chance of getting a 3d file or print of a smaller Tyrell tile. Im doing a chess table and would love to incorporate this. Thanks
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