Interest The Three Musketeers Rapier Sword (Disney 1993 Version)


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I am in for a set of all three items if it happens too. Always wanted a Musketeer sword after being obsessed with the Richard Lester films when I was a kid. Since I don’t know of any way to get a replica of those swords this would be the next best thing.


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Gauging interest in doing a reproduction of the Three Musketeers' rapier from the 1993 Disney film:

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I'm estimating the price would be under well under $300, including shipping. If there is enough interest for the scabbard and frog, I could look at doing the entire set. When you post your interest, let me know if you want just the sword, sword and scabbard or sword, scabbard and frog.

As with my other swords, the blade would be tempered carbon steel and the hilt would most likely be silver-plated brass, with black leather handle.

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1) Indy Magnoli (whole set)
2) Solos blaster (whole set)
3) TFickser
4) StridersHeir (whole set)
5) Jevaho (whole set)
6) Logan Cane (S&S)
7) wraith74 (S&S)
8) silentknight229 (whole set)
9) Simpson77
10) Cstandi1
11) IkarosReve (S&S)
12) PyroDenny
13) vaderdarth (whole set)
14) Stieller (S&S)
15) joshspiderman23
16) The Terminator (whole set)
17) Mxlplx (whole set)
18) Eurojunkman
19) Powertrip (S&S)
20) Aldo The Apache
21) fdl2phx (whole set)
22) Joe310blk (whole set)
23) abastiensharp (whole set)
24) blastmaster
25) Rook 3
26) mandio222
27) mbmcfarland (whole set)
28) commodorekorns (whole set)
29) xcelsior (whole set)
30) TigerArmySoCal
31) Witt (e-mail)
Witt email and tiger army SoCal same person... anthony witt :) thanks


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Hey Indy, only too glad to try and help out where possible.
Still learning the programming side but so far it is a fun process to add to the model making side of things.

Indy Magnoli

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I'll update the list. No firm price has been set, but based on our Montoya Rapier, the sword and scabbard will be around $450, plus a bit extra for the frog, most likely.


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I'd be happy with just to the medallion and braze it to the rapier I have... But failing that - Sword and scabbard, please. Would like to see a pic of a finished one first.


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I was watching this movie today while doing some 3d printing and came to the conclusion that I really like this sword and think I should put my name in for a full set.
I'd do the pick up as usual if that is ok indy, gives me an excuse for a visit.