Interest The Three Musketeers Rapier Sword (Disney 1993 Version)

Indy Magnoli

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Gauging interest in doing a reproduction of the Three Musketeers' rapier from the 1993 Disney film:



I'm estimating the price would be around $300-$400, including shipping. If there is enough interest for the scabbard and frog, I could look at doing the entire set. When you post your interest, let me know if you want just the sword, sword and scabbard or sword, scabbard and frog.

As with my other swords, the blade would be tempered carbon steel and the hilt would most likely be silver-plated brass, with black leather handle.

Kind regards,


1) Indy Magnoli (whole set)
2) Solos blaster (whole set)
3) TFickser
4) StridersHeir (whole set)
5) Jevaho (whole set)
6) Logan Cane (S&S)
7) wraith74 (S&S)
8) silentknight229 (whole set)
9) TigerArmySoCal
10) Cstandi1
11) IkarosReve (S&S)
12) PyroDenny
13) vaderdarth (whole set)
14) Stieller (S&S)
15) joshspiderman23
16) The Terminator (whole set)
17) Mxlplx (whole set)
18) Eurojunkman
19) Powertrip (S&S)
20) Aldo The Apache
21) fdl2phx (whole set)
22) Joe310blk (whole set)
23) abastiensharp (whole set)
24) blastmaster
25) Rook 3
26) mandio222
27) mbmcfarland (whole set)
28) commodorekorns (whole set)
29) xcelsior (whole set)
30) TigerArmySoCal
31) shpider (whole set)
32) Unceasingrose (whole set)
33) starwarsfanatic (whole set)
34) LordBludgeon (S&S)
35) DArtagnan90 (S&S)
36) badges2nz
37) DrSnagg11 (whole set)
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Bonded Hawk

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Actually will the hilt be ambitious or just right handed? I am left handed and plan to carry the sword at faire.

Indy Magnoli

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The design is right handed (the cross being on the top of the hilt when held that way) but as with any rapier, it can be used either way.

Bonded Hawk

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Yes but most rapiers offer less protection on one side. I'm pending till better pictures of both sides.

One of the curses of being a southpaw

Indy Magnoli

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The main shape of this sword is a standard swept hilt, so the left side will basically look like this one:


Solos blaster

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What do you think would be used for the blue inlay on the cross, the fleur-de-le(sp?) just above the grip, and the inlay on pommel?

Solos blaster

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Just an enamel paint, most likely.
I'm good with that, I was curious about it when I started thinking about what they did for the actual props.

"Oh, there's something I ought to tell you. I 'm not left-handed either!"
Wrong movie, but hopefully that one comes to fruition too!

Speaking of which...Indy, if the Inigo ever comes through would it be possible for Westley's Dread Pirate Roberts, sword to follow?

Indy Magnoli

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Interested in a Westley's/Dread Pirate Roberts Sword!....But where we at with the Inigo Montoya sword?
Ok, let's wait on that Westley sword for now... as for the Inigo Montoya sword, we're taking it slow due to the amount of detailing.


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Interested, pending time that payment will be needed- You're working on a few items I'll be buying....As long as you don't finish them all at once!!!

Bonded Hawk

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I have liked that rapier since the movie came out. But I would want to carry it. That it is right handed and I'm not will bother me. I own left and right handed rapiers and I should have thought about that fact before expressing interest. You do very good work, but remove me from the list.



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Finally! Haven't thought about buying anything for a long time. But, very interested. I'll take a sword and a scabbard.