The poptab iron man!!!!


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I have embarked on a new project suit, made entirely of POPTABS and other aluminum.. but mostly poptabs!!

Since gathering certain colored ENERGY DRINKS just for the RED and YELLOW poptabs would be crazy and partially deadly, not to mention costly(Priorities). I resorted to buying a powder coat machine and buying poptabs in bulk on Ebay.

I started this in JUNE 2013. I want this suit to be completed in MAY 2014, with a production video up on YouTube by June, and SDCC by July. ((I could not take part in the SDCC Pre-Sale)(I will be relying on them being sold in "The Spring" IF I FAIL, does anyone have strings they can pull to get me in on Friday and Saturday?!))

Let the photo's begin... Day 4.jpgday 17.jpgDAY 27.jpgday 23 Rocket elbow Engaged.jpgSnapchat-1283.jpgIMAG3867.jpgIMAG4761.jpgback work.jpgback work 2.jpgiron man chest steps.jpgBad front and back.jpgMonth 5.jpg2 shoulders hotel.jpgfour months left.jpg

I am working on the right leg now... I think I'll go on to lower torso next. I most definitely need help figuring out how I am going to do the spine...

ALSO it has a Facebook...
I am a big fan of Iron man!!!Just wanted to know from where could I get iron man movie props???I want them in sale....

iron man back single.jpgholybackflaps.jpg

Does anyone have any idea how I should do the back spine????????? thats kind of where I am stuck. I would like to be able to bend forward and backward.
Have you tried getting on the volunteer list for SDCC ? i read on another forum that volunteers work a 2-3 hour shift then get the rest of the day inside free. worth a try if you cant get a ticket.
hip h.jpg Anyone know how to post photos bigger??

I made this IRON MAN HIP HOP drawing in Solid Works. Creating the actual piece on a Lathe and a Mill
repix  2 months.jpg 2 MONTHS LEFT!, TIME TO PANIC!!!
90% completed the right leg, now I will skip to the middle so I can connect the middle to the leg, get all that situated, then continue with the Left leg.
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