The "other" Ghostbuster's theme song... now with music video!


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Whats funny about the 80s, is how so many things produced were really awesome and became a classic....yet, theres also so many things that were just terrible and completely cringe worthy.
Had that been the song we got, probably be totally different feeling, but yeah, I think this falls into that, really bad 80s stuff.
This song now being a fan remake basically, the one thing the lead singer is missing, giant big hair.


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This movie and the theme song we got was lightning in a bottle. The sequels didn't even reach the level of the first. I won't even talk about the Girl Busters film. I just watched a behind the scene doc on the making of the movie and the song. I think they gave Ray Parker a few days or a week to come up with the song. And he came in with the theme. They were like well no need to look anywhere else, this is it. Again lightning, ; )

I think this was the one,


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