"The Orville". A Seth McFarlane Space Adventure on Fox


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Has anybody heard of this is the final season?

I know that MacFarlane has started working on a prequel series to the TED films, and I read that this seems to indicate that The Orville may be on its way out.

I hope not, the show is really enjoyable.


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I’d almost given up on this show. The danger with it is, out of sight, out of mind. I’m not eager for another streaming service, so I think I’ll wait until the show has finished, and all episodes are on line. I’ll do the free week trial and binge it.

I would do exactly the same if it weren’t for the fact that my wife essentially treats streaming services like Pokemon…and she has to catch them all.

Seriously, it’s like subscribing to streaming services is her hobby.


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That’s too bad. I had wondered if the move to Hulu and the time between seasons was a bad sig
Some time ago I had read that S3 was going to be their last. Which, in a way, is kind of odd since you'd think that Hulu would at least wait and see how S3 does before making a decision, esp. since they could use a hit show to help draw in more subscribers. Between all of the Star Wars content on Disney +, all of the new Trek shows (which do seem to actually have a fan following), and The Expanse on Prime, you'd think that Hulu would want their own sci-fi show that can compete with all of that.


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I hope this maintains what I enjoyed about it.. single story episodes with only touches of an arc through the character relationships...

I don't want another current Star Trek show with explosions and a mind numbing weak story with insane filler episodes to make up their episode order.

Orville's first two seasons felt like updated for the times "TNG" but that trailer looked a liiiittle too much "Discovery"


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I really liked the first 2 seasons but I never understood the logic for going to Hulu and now that this is most likely the last season it makes even less sense. I don't need another streaming service so will give this a pass and hopefully get it if/when it is available on Amazon.

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