The Little Shop of Horrors... Replica "Audrey 2" (Hand Puppet/prop)


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A few weeks ago a friend of mine contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a commission piece for her and after brief chat she told me that she would like a replica of "Audrey 2" from the film The little Shop of Horrors, Specifically a hand held version that she could use/carry to go along with her "Audrey" costume that she is currently finalising. I started by sculpting the basic pod shape for "Audrey 2" using WED clay and over a few days I began sculpting in the detail work etc until both myself and my friend were happy with how the sculpture looked. I then took a mould using gelcoat and fibreglass mat/resin, Once the mould had cured I then split the clay from the mould and gave the mould a good clean and began to sculpt 34 teeth (Cast in Resin) and a separate tongue (Latex) which I again took a mould of. Next step was to pure a cast using Latex and a thickening agent which I then left to cure for a week, The cold temperature didn't help here in the UK...But finally the latex cured and I de-moulded the piece and it turned out great, fantastic detail, one or two very minor air bubbles which I repaired. Next up was to sculpt, mould and cast the main stem to keep "Audrey 2" upright, My friend had sourced the exact "Maxwell House" Coffee tin which she sent to me and I kept it to one side until I had cast all the parts for the commission. I sourced the foliage from a local florist and are silk and only cost me a few pounds to buy. It was then time to piece "Audrey 2" together which took a few days, adding the Tongue, Teeth, Stem and finally the silk foliage before placed her into the Coffee tin and bonding her to it. It's 90% complete now and just needs the final paint up and "Audrey 2" will be ready to be given to my friend and her Debut in a few weeks time.

You can see photo's of the start and progress for "Audrey 2" here on my Facebook photo album.

Here's a link to a video that I posted to Youtube of the first test of the "Audrey 2" hand puppet/prop.


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As an original sculpt, it's fine work. Better than anything I could do, that's for certain.

If it was commissioned as a replica of the movie prop, though, it shouldn't have teeth at this size.

Watch the scene when Seymour is waiting to go on the Weird Wink Wilkinson show. Twoey has already outgrown the Maxwell House can and is into a larger clay pot.

But when Twoey opens its trap to bite the secretary on the butt, there aren't any teeth yet.

The nose of the movie prop is also more blunt and less pointed.

Your sculpt actually reminds me of several stage versions of Audrey II that I've seen over the years.

Always nice to see new interpretations.

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