The Last Works of James Horner


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A few years ago, film music composer James Horner passed away in a plane crash. When that happened, we lost a musical composer who was still making his very best work.

While we all probably know Horner for his film scores (Star Trek II/III, Krull, Willow, Avatar, Titanic, Apollo 13, Aliens, many others), many might not know that he eventually reached a point in his career where he was able to rent out an orchestra for his own personal compositions, and to create and release his own symphonic work.

If you're a James Horner fan and haven't heard the below pieces, do yourself a favor and have a listen. These never fail to stir my emotions.

The 4th Horsemen
(This was Horner's tribute to the experience of flying with WWII-era planes.)


Collage: The Last Work
(This was Horner's final composition before his death: a six-track adventure symphony dedicated to the French horn.)

Wow, I got misty just listening to these tracks for the few minutes it took to dig them up!

Wow, love The 4 Horsemen! I can hear some of soaring elements of The Rocketeer and Star Trek 2 in there. Beautiful! Thanks for posting!

Yep, it's all there! Be sure and give "Collage" a try. There's Rocketeer and Troy and Avatar elements in there! :)
I love it. Got the movie on Bluray, partially for the music.

True story: last month, my 14-year-old brought his friend over to watch a movie. They asked me to pick something cheesy that they could laugh at together. I put on Battle Beyond the Stars (65" 1080p, 5.1) and watched it with them. There was a little giggling at the beginning, but once Shad left the planet they were hooked.

After it was over, the friend said, "That wasn't too goofy, that was kinda good."

Thanks go in no small part to James Horner.
Mission accomplished.

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