The (Helpmann Data-Fact Deluxe 180) Computer Console

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    Another tribute piece that pays homage to Terry Gilliam's movie "BRAZIL"
    *Fully functional working computer:
    *second generation Mac Mini with 5" B&W monitor and magnifying screen.
    *underwood typewriter has converted USB keyboard.
    *26 assorted electron tubes .
    *additional inside lighting.
    * EZ access to Mac Mini Via Underwood's removable back panel.

    Note: This computer was not built to be a faithful replica computer console
    from Terry Gilliam's movie "BRAZIL".

    The stylized design for this computer was constructed to reflect
    some aspects of the the original movie prop computer console.
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    That's amazing work.

    Brazil sure predicted the future for 1985. Watching movies at work on computers? Terrorists? Cops dressed like military? Electronic information gathering? Absurd plastic surgery?

    Crazy talk.

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