The Haunted Mansion movie by DelToro... Does anyone knows where to apply? LOL


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After being out for a LOOOONG time I'm posting this, that is going to be a really long shot, since people don't spill these informations easily (for obvious reasons), but...

Since I became obsessed by the Disney's dark ride, I really have to work in this movie (if they are going to make it)!
At least I would like to have the chance to show my portfolio to anyone involved in the making. :D

(This doesn't sound so desperate, right?:lol)

Nah, in all seriousness, if there is someone here who is involved or know someone who is (even if you don't know this one personally), and can (and want to!) point me in the right direction to take any contact with the right people, well... You know who you could make very happy! ME!:)

For anyone who doesn't know what I do, I'm mostly a concept artist-illustrator, but I also do production design and other stuff that can easily fall under the "pre-production" phase of the filmmaking process; design-wise of course. :)

I know this post is really out of the blue, and absolutely un-professional, but I tried some different ways to achieve this goal, and so far without luck... Most likely my google-fu isn't as strong as before, but I haven't found any way to make a contact with anyone involved in this movie, so I thought that MAYBE, someone in here COULD know someone, even a friend of a friend...:angel

Well, that's it.
My great comeback... Really great isn't it? :lol
Sorry for the late reply guys, and a huge than you to all!

I'll try all the way you suggested me! You guys are simply great!

And Nicky... Is that the real one? How did you got... No, maybe I shouldn't ask... :lol

Thanks again! :)
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