The Goonies - Chester Copperpot's wallet: which one to use?


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I'm planning on making a replica from Chester Copperpot's Wallet from the Goonies. Which "base wallet" can be best used to create a screen accurate replica? I know Magnoli has a replica for sale, but I'd like my own. I had these models in mind, but I don't find them anywhere:

  • Rolfs Traditional Billfold
  • Buxton Lexington II
  • Buxton Mountaineer Convertible Billfold

This is the look I'm going for:



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If I was going to make one, I'd do the research. Otherwise, it's a long chase to find one even close.
Since credit cards didn't exist in Chester Copperpot's time, any wallet with credit card slots isn't going to really work.
Add that it also has a snap closer, and I would say this a needle in a haystack kinda thing. I tried looking up some of the names you listed and they came up either as no longer available, or couldn't even find a match in the top google matches on name.

Magnoli Props

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Couldn't help jumping in. We can help you out with just the wallet, if you want to make you own inserts? PM me if its what you are after.


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For now, I bought a wallet on Etsy. It has some minor quality issues, but it's the best one I found until now. Here's a picture of it (still need to age it):


The maker used a cheap faux-leather wallet and glued on the flap and window part. Clever approach and maybe the best way to have a screen accurate wallet. Unfortunately the quality is a bit too low to my taste:

- Base wallet is really a cheap black wallet with faux leather
- Leather flap part is cut a bit sloppy (not 100% straight)
- Snap button is punched in unevenly

But for now, this wallet has to do. It came with the "usual" inserts (library card, social security card, baseball card, some pictures,...) But I'm going to make those things myself on different kinds of paper and nicely weathered.

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