The golden gun, the only gun.....


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Dear All, but specifically Dodgy_Spike and Quartermaster.

I am a massive bond fan, and whilst I would have been happy with an FE GG prop replica, they are pretty much sold out, and are not quite 100% to the film.

On this basis (and being heavily inspired by Quartermasters fine work), I have decided to build one of these golden guns from scratch.

First problem. No dimensions......

I have collected as many golden gun images as I can from the net, including screenshots from the Bluray, mambers prop / memorabilia posts and anything else google threw up.

I have scaled as many dims as I can from these, but have hit a ***** wall with details like the extending breach from the colibri, some of the en details (does anyone have a good image of the actual writing nib?)

The ciggie case is also a bit awkward. lots of side views, but im struggling to get the width, and details of the actual opening flap / cigarette compartment.

Basically, ive got as far as I can without some kind soul throwing me an olive branch :-(

I have seen blueprint plans posted (dodgy_spike) and obviously Quartermasters handy work. These are the only true dimensions I have been able to find.

I entirely understand and respect the privacy surrounding such valued items, therefore I would not ask for anything as valuable as photocopies or prints etc, however, I am desperately seeking help.

Is there any chance someone could hand sketch the dimensions off the blueprints? (i.e. quickly re-draw the plans and plop some dimensions next to them).

Alternatively, some zoomed in photos of the blueprints would be good (i.e. not the whole thing, and not to scale). I only need to see the basic dimensions of the more detailed items. I would not request photos of each entire page, as the SD Studio logos etc, are what make these amazing pages such a collectors item.

Some not-to-scale photos of these would be more than sufficient to get me going on the right track. I would need these from top / bottom / sides / front / back views of each component.

Private email would be fine if you dont want these in the open forums....

To anyone who is lucky enough to own an SD Studio replica (straight handle type?) if anyone is able to stick a scale rule across their prop replica, I would again be most grateful. Some basic photos of each component (case, lighter breach, cufflink and pen) to show the basic geometry / diameters / details would enable me to re-proportion some of the remaining details.

I can continue with my detailing and begin to make something I have dreamed of owning since I was a kid.

Again, any help of any kind would be appreciated, as I am completely stuck without further assistance.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Please private message me for my email and moby number if anyone wants to chat.

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