The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Files


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Hey if anyone is still watching this thread, I've looked at both the files that were ripped from the game and the files made by Fisherk2.. The Fisher files are definitely the game ones, and they're unfolded and super great if you're willing to deal with the fact that they aren't all that cleaned up from the game version of the files. Meaning all the surfaces have a "thickness" and the unfolds account for this and don't include them in the templates, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist so if anybody is still interested post here and I'll post the new unfolds I make from this file after I complete em ;) Not trying to rip on Fisherk2 they're GREAT templates I just really like modeling and could use the practice.

I am interested in seeing your work. I've already completed a pep but I am sure other people would appreciate it. One thing I did notice about the model from the game is that the trooper is missing a place to holster his weapon on his right thigh. I think most troopers in EP7 had a protruding area to attach their weapons.


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Seems like the foam file download link no longer works. Does anybody have the foam files for the Stormtrooper suit available?
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