The Doctor's Tardis console (dress version)

DRD 1812

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Just wanted to share my interpretation of the Tardis console from Doctor Who (the Tenth Doctor's Tardis). I had a lot of fun making it and wearing it.

The idea itself is not mine. Got it from two people on other sites.

Me sitting down, fanning out the skirt so it looked as console-like as possible.

General reference picture:

The crinoline helped make it poof out. The shirt represents the time rotor.

Full skirt. Figuring out the size, shape and colours of all those little pieces (and then making them) took more time than I had anticipated, but it was worth it.
Used piping for the cables and wires, but because I was finishing this up the night before the Con, I didn't have time to attach very many. There are also some gadgets missing. I'll add them eventually.

First half (panels 1, 2 & 3):

Second half (panels 4, 5 & 6):

Planning stage:
When I had all the planning done and had lined up all the pieces of paper (which helped with placement and proportions), it was all a bit overwhelming. Lots of paper. It was great to see the number of pieces of paper diminish as they were replaced with sewed-on fabric.

Used mesh-like crinolin material for the metal grating that is on two of the panels:

Reference pics:
These are some of the pics I used for figuring out what went where. It got a bit complicated when I realized not all of the stuff is stationary and the same panel will not look the same in all reference pics (especially those removable spheres). One of the tougher aspects was figuring out what order the panels went in. There was a bit of putting pictures together like a puzzle to figure it out. Kinda fun though. And worth it, too.

Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
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I can honestly say i have never seen anyone do this before. Fantastic job. I love that you eve got a fabric with messy to be the metal creating over the green crystal bits. Very cool, very clever.


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I was at the Armageddon Exp in Melbourne Australial 2 months ago with Dalek Caan and this sort of costplay is a big hit with the girls, excellent costplay DRD 1812

DRD 1812

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It was fun to see other Tardis (blue box version) costumes there. Especially when another Tardis asked what I was dressed as.


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I agree with Terrasolo, I've never seen this done before and I think it's really cool. Good job!


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Cool idea, although if I was a girl I probably be a little worried about nerds trying to press the buttons on the skirt.


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BRILLIANT! I'm not often in the costuming section but this thread title caught my eye. DRD 1812, your costume looks wonderful. Congratulations.


DRD 1812

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Thanks for the wonderful comments, everybody!

I got a John Crichton costume together this year :)

Awesome! Any pics?

Great idea!
You should add a "roving" pair of binoculars with velcro!

That's a great idea. And maybe one of the Doctor's sledgehammers! Made out of something a little lighter, of course.
Something that I had wanted to do, but ran out of time, was make a tote bag that looked like the computer screen. The bag part would be the screen and the strap would be the part that the screen is attached to (the rotating piece with the bronze circles).

wicked cool. now to get you, idris and tardis in a shot together!

That would be so much fun! I did manage to get a picture with a couple of Tardises. One came up to me and said she "felt we should get a picture together." Another one I asked if I could get a picture and when she asked me what I was dressed as I told her, "I'm you." And I gave her a hint or two and then she got it.
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