The Definitive CW Arrow Thread

Season 2 is an Oneida Kestrel. $1300 unless you can find a decent used one.

We will have to make a post on that too I guess!
I did not order a Kestrel, I bought the Oneida Eagle. They seam to be pretty close and I got the eagle for much cheaper. As much as I would like to order a Kestrel I can not justify having a $1300 bow for cosplay purposes lol. Heres a side by side, as you can see their slightly different, but not different enough to shell out $1300 IMO their pretty friggen close
I was planning on it. LOL

Bcarp100, if you did order up a Kestrel, I have an idea... ;)

Whats your idea?!?!

Black eagle .JPG
For those of you doubting the finish on the Ragim can be removed easily or who are convinced it is the natural color of the wood, this was after maybe 1-2 minutes of 80 grit by hand...

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That looks nice, I am going to be ordering one of those after Christmas as well. I just ordered some of the Eskimo Broad heads as well. Just a little advise on those if you're planning on shooting your arrows you will need to know the broad head needs to be vertical when knocked on your bow or it will plain and you also need to have a good offset on your fletchings or a heliccoil to make them spin when shot this also helps prevent plaining.

As far as costumes go, I came across this on amazon. Its not genuine leather, but from the looks of it it looks right to me. For the price I might just pick this up and see what its like. What do you guys think? Should I be the Guinea pig?
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I'm fairly confident in the selection of the Brooks leather tape. Why is that, you ask?

Because this was waiting in my mail box!


And I was able to take these pics.

24AAA803-9534-4467-A23E-CFB51B3C5D6D_zpsdrkxpy3i (1).JPG

And compare colors with this.


Good enough for me. What do you think?
:thumbsup or :thumbsdown
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Looks pretty dang close to me! Are you planning on shooting it once you finish all the cosmetics? I would be curious on how it shoots with all the extras on it. I think I am going to buy the suit from amazon. I will keep you posted on the bow and the suit once I get everything in and start my build!
I'll probably shoot it once or twice, but I'm not planning on making a regular thing of it. If/when I buy a Kestrel, that's another story.
Lol I would love to know how it shoots with the hardware! You never did tell me your idea if I were to buy a Kestrel. Tax return season is right around the corner maybe I could be convinced!
I just needed a few measurements from the bow. The closest CP Oneida dealer to me is a little over 30 minutes. I'll make the trek one of these days.
How about another installment before some of us get swamped with holiday festivities?


This is one of those detail pieces that I imagine the vast majority of you will skip out on. Doing this costume accurately is starting to get expensive, and this shirt is never meant to be seen. Hunting it down for the sake of accuracy... Why bother, right? More like, why not? ;)

A few of the Stephen Amell fan sites have had some really good "on set" pictures. Stephen has even posted some invaluable reference himself. Many of which clearly show this under shirt that is worn under the jacket. For those of you who only have to say, "but he's shirtless under the jacket in the show."... noobs. :facepalm


ua shirt.JPG

Are you ready for it? Of course you are!

Under Armour Heat Gear Fitted Crew, Item #1209054, to be exact. Now discontinued.


Yes, real Under Armour. [RANT]I still don't quite understand why so many people need to call any generic compression/athletic shirt as "Under Armour". [/RANT]

What's the catch? This is a 2012 model, which is becoming more and more difficult to find. The current model is a bit different.

It looks like the only modifications done to the screen used shirt are:
3/4 length sleeves
Tucked collar front
Covered UA logo
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Underarmour Heatgear is a great thing to have in general if you plan to wear leather costumes.

I wear a full set under my Dredd leathers, they are a god send.

Though... you WILL reek like a locker room when you take your jacket off, at least you won't be cooking.
LOVING this thread. Well done!!!

One dumb question coming from a non-archery inclined person... If you hold the bow in your right hand, it's a right handed bow I assume?

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