The Definitive CW Arrow Thread


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This thread is meant to discuss Oliver Queen/The Arrow/Green Arrow only. No sidekicks, villains, or any other character discussion, please.

Remember when there were definitive threads? Real definitive threads? Without a bunch of guessing?

This is not meant to be my/your build thread. I just want this to be a one-stop-shop for as much 100% accurate information as possible. I just happened to have been buying some of these items as they were discovered.

Having said that...

I love this show. Growing up, I hated the Green Arrow character. A wanna-be Robin Hood... with a ridiculous mustache? Get out of here!

Then I watched the pilot to the CW's Arrow. My first comment was, "Oliver Queen makes Hawkeye look like a pu$$y!". ( I stand by that statement.)

After that, I knew I had to have the whole shebang. Costume. Props. This began the quest.

There's been a few members here who have made excellent costumes, either before real reference was available or after the show finally aired. Doing my homework, I had to read all of it.

Reference Images
SDCC 2012 Display - RPF Gallery

Index of Confirmed (or really good alternative) Items
The Season 1 Bow
Arrow Hardware: Part 1
The "Boots"
Arrow Hardware: Part 2
Arrow Hardware: Part 3
The Gloves
The "Under" Shirt
The Suspenders
The Quivers
The Season 2 Bow
The Season 2 Bow Case
The Season 2 Arrow Rest
Trick Arrows
Trick Arrows: Part 2
Trick Arrows: Part 3 - Updates
The Collapsible Bow
Non-Lethal Arrow Heads
Fletching Jigs
Season 1 Forearm Quiver
Season 3 Duel Sword
The Bandolier Gadgets
The Season 5 "Under" Shirt
The Season 5 (Alternate) "Under" Shirt
The Season 6 Bow


Back in June, a member by the name of Ryan Cracchiolo posted this:
The bow they used for the show is a Ragim Matrix jr. 48" with a maximum draw of 24lbs

This member joined the day before, and hasn't logged in since posting that. Normally, I disregard new member posts as, for the most part, they are usually worthless. This post was a little too specific to ignore. I did more digging.

All my research lead me to believe this information was correct. I took a chance and ordered one. When it arrived, I couldn't have been more thrilled.

A little "scale a picture on your tv and hold the real world item up for comparison" and this happened.

Looks good, right? Limbs. Riser. It all matches. No more theories or mix-n-match parts. This is it. I've even gotten unofficial confirmation from a member of the production crew.

Keep in mind that a 24# draw is the heaviest you can purchase this exact model in (if you are considering actually using it). The lightest draw, 12#, is what is mostly used on set for Stephen to be continually drawing the bow all day long. ;)

Let's keep going. (Oh, don't buy the 54"/58" models... it's WRONG!)

Member nightwing58 seemed to be on to something as he id'd the the hardware greeblies added to the bow when he was building his own. I followed suit and ordered the Sea Dog 6 inch Straight Chock (P/N 060210-1). I had been googling my face off looking for a brass model, but then I discovered Stephen Amell's facebook page.. Scrolling through his many pictures, I came across this gem of his "practice bow"...

What do you know, my chock had arrived and I was able to do this:

A match? I think so! I bought mine here: Sea-Dog Stainless Steel Straight Chock, 6" | Seabound Supply

Let's keep going...

I decided to follow suit with nightwing58's suggestion of the Sea Dog 6" Brass Strap Hinges. Well, they arrived today.

Yep. Perfect match!

What about that leather tape?

From November 14, 2012...
The leather wrap looks like handlebar tape to me.

Brooks Perforated Leather Handlebar Tape at BikeTiresDirect

The honey color looks to be a good match

I haven't actually gotten to purchase this myself yet, but I believe this information is 100% correct. This grip tape is meant for bicycle handlebars, but could also be used for baseball bats. I have not found another brand with the right color and/or the correct pin hole pattern.

More to come in the next episode... much more.
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This is awesome. I will be watching closely. Love this show and I cosplay as green arrow from smallville. Might have to update to this costume now.
will you add all the markings on the bow too?
I'm about to start working on this one too! Mine will be a hybrid of season 1 and 2 as I like (and can only afford) the season 1 bow, but the face mask is a nice touch.

Looking forward to the rest of yours.
How about some more easy stuff?


I've always believed in "give credit where credit is due", so here is another find I cannot claim as my own...

Our very own karas24 identified the arrow broadheads... Zwickey Eskimos, thread-on, 160gr. (Note that these are slightly different than the 135gr Eskilites). Done. Next.

What about those arrows (properly called flechettes) strapped to his forearm? The ones that apparently serve as a knife on the show.

Slick Trick Grizztrick2 is what you seek... at least if you're going for the Season 1 look with the exposed heads (You could skip them for a Season 2 look). Granted, only 2 of the 4 blades are present in the show. These differ from the original Grizztrick by the shape of the cutout in the blades. Grizztrick2 is screen accurate.
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SDCC had a costume on display that actually showed a number of details, and yet they changed some since its been seen. Season 2 especially.

The boots have been a fun hunt as well, pinder and I have been scouring trying to find them since my post here:

However, while watching the show and looking at promo pictures I saw more and more that the shoes looked less like a combat boot and more like a running shoe.


It wasn't until this shot that I stopped looking at combat boots entirely for the sole:


At a friends insistence to check out parkour shoes I found the exact sole they have been using for the show, Nike Free Run 2+


Then a few new images came out where you can clearly see how they basically added the original combat boot (and likely copies of said boot) on top of the shoe itself.


I am 90% sure that the boots above are copies of the initial boot as they are not as clean as the others. But this explains his mobility in the series for sure! I was able to get a good deal on a pair of shoes and look forward to either IDing the base combat boot, or copying it to do the same combination.
There he is!

Primrodo is right. We've been wracking our brains for weeks (well, months now) trying to identify the original base boot. I thought I had identified the sole of the combat boot as the Vibram Sierra model, though Vibram has told me it looks slightly different from the Sierra. I don't see a difference.

The "Boots"

The accurate Nike Free Run 2 has been discontinued for almost a year now, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the genuine article. I've found plenty of knockoffs though. :facepalm

The correct color combo is Black/Anthracite (Item Code 443815-002). You can still order the Free Run 2 as a NIKEiD model (Nike Store. Nike Free Run 2 iD Running Shoe), but the sole is not available in Anthracite. The closest you could buy is black, but then the swoosh will not be a red and silver emblem.

Stephen Amell has even said:
Stephen Amell said:
My boots are actually Nike Frees, which is kind of cool.

I don't need much more proof than that!

Here's mine!
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Great thread!!

Just a suggestion: They film in Vancouver (IIRC), maybe the base boot is Canadian? I know nuBSG used Canadian police supply for the duty belts.

One question: what is the perforated wrap that goes around the handle?

Again, great job!

Hey Wes, been looking myself here (in Canada) and came up empty. Still on the look out! Very possible it's a fashion boot a well.

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Prepare yourselves for tonight's installment. It's going to be short but sweet. The best part is that it is an affordable and available item! ;)

Wes, Primrodo and I looked into every form of Canadian duty boots we could think of... military, police, etc. Nothing seemed to match.
So.... what's the tape wrap called?

I'm in Germany so I'm not sure if iTunes will have the new installment for me yet. This show is amazing.

Looking great so far! It's nice that someone confirmed the 48" model was the precise one, I ordered one over the weekend but have been dreading that I may get the new Matrix Jr with the inset limbs.

I was also looking at the Sea-dog chuck, mostly due to price, but pondering the fact that I'll need to paint or otherwise color it.

What are your thoughts on coloring the chock, Pinder? The original, or at least the one at SDCC looks like it was chrome plated brass or bronze, since some of the plating is still present.

So.... what's the tape wrap called?

The leather wrap for the grip is commonly called "bar tape". It's a padded tape for bicycle handlebars, and I believe you can get the exact one used from Brooks England, though it is like $50 a roll. There are faux leather wraps that look similar, but they all have brand names printed on them and would need to be painted.

I'm fairly certain that the fiber wrapping is not a tape, but an artificial sinew wrap.

Looking forward to tonight's development! I'm getting started on my build this week, hoping to get it autographed by Stephen Amell at Sci-Fi Expo Dallas.


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Wes, I updated the first post with the leather tape information.

Tvayumat, based on the picture posted by Stephen showing a chrome chock, and the SDCC pictures (as well as any screenshot you can take) showing chrome underneath worn areas in the brass color, I would bet they started with a chromed model (all that is available) and something was put on to give the brass color. I do not believe they had it brass plated. And it did not start out as brass since it is made from cast stainless.
Also I'd love to know your thoughts on the wood treatment.

I was going to start by sanding all the lacquer off, applying some salt water and vinegar and letting it dry somewhere warm.
Now, for tonight's chapter...


Gloves are one of my favorite items to collect. Along with footwear, gloves allow you to double dip. You mean I get to add to my prop/costume collection as well as my everyday wear? Sign me up. The 2-for-1 also makes justification to the Misses (for those of you with that condition) considerably more promising. It's all in how you sell it. ;)

Now, enough of my rambling.

I thought the gloves would be considerably more difficult to find. It turns out it only took me about 12 minutes to find them. Yes, I actually did time myself. LOL

I present the:

5.11 Tactical Taclite2 - 5.11 Tactical TacLite2 Tactical Gloves | Official 5.11 Site


The only modification to the base glove by production was a small triangle (an arrow? :lol) of leather sewn over the logo. And the "Built tough.." tag was removed.


Please note:
While these are relatively affordable, I know there may be some of you on a budget and may be looking for these secondhand... The original Taclite gloves (Taclite1?) are missing some small leather reinforcement that goes along the back of the thumb and index finger across the web of your hand. In other words, the high wear areas. It's a small detail, but it's there on the screen used gloves.

See you next time.

- - - Updated - - -

Also I'd love to know your thoughts on the wood treatment.

I was going to start by sanding all the lacquer off, applying some salt water and vinegar and letting it dry somewhere warm.

I'm just planning to sand the finish off and let my sweaty, oily hands do the distressing for me. The sanding will be very easy on this riser.
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Tvayumat, based on the picture posted by Stephen showing a chrome chock, and the SDCC pictures (as well as any screenshot you can take) showing chrome underneath worn areas in the brass color, I would bet they started with a chromed model (all that is available) and something was put on to give the brass color. I do not believe they had it brass plated. And it did not start out as brass since it is made from cast stainless.

My thoughts were the other way around actually, that the base item is a cast brass or cast bronze with a chrome plating that was removed, explaining the "flakes" of chrome on the SDCC one. Of course, I could be *seeing* it backward, and it could in fact be stainless showing through a brass paint job.

Of course, your picture of the Arrow himself gripping a stainless chock is really all the excuse I need to go with the seadog :D Besides, all the ones I've found that are chrome-plated brass or bronze are a.) the wrong shape and b.) horrifically expensive.


GREAT NEWS on the gloves. I hadn't even started looking for them yet and already assumed they would be a pain in the rear.
Took pinder 12 minutes, took me 2 weeks of looking at just about every single duty glove before finally finding the taclite lol.

It's an easy piece to get and you can get cheaper ones, but go for the right ones :)

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