The Batman - The Riddler costume help

Toa Quarax

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The Art of The Batman mentions that the pants are supposed to be US surplus, so I think they're black M65 pants:


There's also a photo of an earlier version of Riddler's costume on set at the mayor's house. It has the question mark on the black panel like the McFarlane DC Multiverse figure and Lego Minifigure and the mouthpiece on the cold weather mask has a button like the real one does:

670JJrYx.jpg nE-8i5ak.jpg

And there's another shot where he has no question mark and the button where it's supposed to be is still attached. I believe this is how he appeared in that scene in the movie:


BTW, did anyone else notice that the first Riddler follower who's at Gotham Square Garden also had the button on his cold weather mask's mouthpiece? You can kinda see it in this screenshot:

I'm going to overhaul this post with more info and pictures when I get the time.


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Not sure if anyone else caught this, but in the movie they discuss obtaining the masks, jacket, and cling wrap. I have my cold weather mask and coat, just need to get the glasses.
Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.26.26 PM.png


Anyone else notice he's wearing an alternate version of the parka in this still?


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That's the one I've went with for now. In fact, it's sitting next to me in an unopened Amazon box as I type this. Trying to make sure the other half doesn't know I'm buying more tools I don't plan on using for the intended purposes.

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