OnStar Batsuit Pics


I’m trying really hard to find some old OnStar Batsuit pics from when it was on display roughy 20 years ago. It was on display with weapons from Batman & Robin. This is the only pic I can find right now.

There used to be MANY online. If anyone has them would you please post them? Thank you in advance.
This might help: the suit was cobbled together from the Kilmer and Clooney Batsuits:

I found one pic that may be of use to you:

onstar batsuit.jpg
Look up Russell Brand batsuit. He wore the OnStar suit in the movie Arthur.
I appreciate what you’re saying, and I’m more than aware of Russell Brand. But I’m looking for specific pictures of the OnStar suit that the picture I posted originated from. Thank you, though.

And just for the record, Russell wore the Birds of Prey suit. You can tell by the gold emblem. The OnStar was bright yellow. Also, just for fun, we finally know who the Birds of Prey Batman actor was, thanks to OnStar’s Bruce Thomas. His name is Alex Daniels.

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