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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Watson, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Watson

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    I know that we have seen some really nice SD models built over the last few years, but who do we consider to be a leading expert in all things Star Destroyer?

    I mean who can answer the tough questions?

    It seems unlike Trek where everyone claims to be an authority we are lacking a SD expert?

  2. star-art

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    That's a tough question. I would think someone working on a studio-scale replica would have to be pretty expert. Someone building a reduced-scale replica can get by with a lot of artistic license, so that does not necessarily require the level of expertise on the subject needed for a studio-scale replica IMO.

    No one has ever built a studio-scale replica of one of these. Rick Ingalsbe has built two ANH models that are almost studio-scale. No one has ever even attempted an 8.5-footer as far as I know.

    Several people are now experts on the parts for the ANH model and a lot of people in the studio-scale hobby have recognized many of the parts on the big ESB model.

    I have patterns in the works for an accurate ANH replica. These are pretty good so far but need to be tweaked. I have not had time to get back to work on them yet.

    With all that said, the folks who have built the smaller replicas have done a fantastic job. Having to scratch all that detail is no easy feat. :)
  3. Kuhn Global

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    I would love to see a list of names or name regarding this. A previous thread shed some light on some very nice pieces out there. 8.5 footer would be outstanding.
  4. Pauleysolo

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  5. REL

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    Very nice.
  6. Mechinyun

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Pauleysolo @ Jun 15 2006, 11:43 PM) [snapback]1262463[/snapback]</div>

    Holy sh*t

    Thats incredible. :thumbsup
  7. Darth Domain

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    The talent of some people out there just never ceases to amaze, that is the most beatiful, detailed model i've seen up to date
  8. Watson

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Pauleysolo @ Jun 15 2006, 10:43 PM) [snapback]1262463[/snapback]</div>
    Yeah Lee does awesome work but even he has admitted to eyeballing a few things here and there. I guess none of us other than at MoM have gotten close enough to a SD to actually get real measurements off the model.
  9. vaderdarth

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    Stunning work .......

    Dave :)
  10. Pauleysolo

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    I got into the ILM Archives in 1998 as a friend of mine worked on Phantom Menace-and I saw the 8.5 footer from ESB --I got within one inch of it and let me tell you- it was the most detailed model I have ever seen...Just awesome-the scribed panel lines- the tiny armor plating--the edge detail-amazing. It was in amazing shape as all the Empire models were--the Star Wars ANH models looked like they had been treated a bit rougher, paint chips, some dirt etc. etc. Perhaps they were lovingly restored for the MOM tours.

    With CGI they will probably never build a physical model as detailed as this ever again for a motion picture.

    There was no way I could take measurements- they wouldn't even let me take pictures.

    The Executor Super Stardestroyer was not out of it's crate- but I hear it is also incredible.
  11. Qui-Gonzalez

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    That SD is amazing. The other stuff he has on the site is also jaw droppingly good. *...I wish I could paint like that.
  12. Stormy320

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    Wow- that's awesome.

    Does anyone have the link to the member who built one about a year ago.

    I think it was larger. Looked Awesome.

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