The age old question- Eye fogging in a mask.


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While donning my Vader bucket, it used to be a pretty big issue regarding eye fog. I have made improvements to that problem over the years, but never really found a cure (if one exhists).
Due to the nature of moisture in the mask, it probably is inevitable, but dang..there has to be a pretty good workaround.
I have used a CPU fan in my mask to blow fresh air in. Now, that works pretty good sometimes actually, but not foolproof.
I've used a light film of dish soap. It sorta worked, but I lost the clear vision thru the lenses.
I've used Anti-Fog wipes...hmmm, I doubt they did anything at all.

As ticked off as I become with this issue, moreless the feeling of being vulernable while in suit if they fog up, I have even had thoughts of compressed air.
Seriously. What if a small canister, some sort of release valve/trigger and a couple small hoses rigged pointing at the lenses??

What about the guts of a chemical/vapor mask like painters wear? it would keep exhaust from accumulating in the mask if you channel it right.

You can tell I sound almost desperate to beat this thing LOL

Darth Detroit

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I used a fan with LIGHTLY soaped lenses. I used a diluted liquid dish soap. NEVER put compressed air near your eyes. Ever. You can go blind.

Darth Detroit

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Originally posted by Aegis159@Mar 16 2006, 09:20 PM
The dish soap works, as well as what thousands of us divers have been using for a long time....
Very much agreed. :thumbsup


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Knowing how bad a Paintball mask smells if some hire player's been spitting in it... I dread to think how a Vader would get. :|


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I once was a 2* diver, so what we all did was first spit in the goggles, then really wipe everything with the spit, and then fastly clean the facemask with the water. Then put them on, and no fog. Except if they get wet again ...


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Being an avid paintballer... I'm always looking for ways to prevent fogging. The best stuff I've used is FogTech, you can read about it here:


Now, even though this is the best anti-fog product I've ever used, the best way to control fogging was for me to learn to direct my exhale breath downward and out of the mask. You've got all that open air space beneath your chin, if you can vent the warm air downward and out of the mask, you can solve alot of your fogging issues.

- J.


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LOL. So,I need to invent a spray that is:
a fluid containing:

Electrolytes: (2-21 mmol/L sodium, 10-36 mmol/L potassium, 1.2-2.8 mmol/L calcium, 0.08-0.5 mmol/L magnesium, 5-40 mmol/L cloride, 2-13 mmol/L bicarbonate, 1.4-39 mmol/L phosphate)
Mucus. Mucus in saliva mainly consists of mucopolysaccharides and glycoproteins;
Antibacterial compounds (thiocyanate, hydrogen peroxide, and secretory immunoglobulin A)
Various enzymes. The major enzymes found in human saliva are alpha-amylase (EC3.2.1.1), lysozyme (EC3.2.1.17), and lingual lipase (EC3.1.1.3). Amylase starts the digestion of starch and lipase fat before the food is even swallowed. It has a pH optima of 7.4. Lingual lipase has a pH optimum ~4.0 so it is not activated till entering an acidic environment. Lysozyme acts to lyse bacteria. Human saliva contains also salivary acid phosphatases A+B (EC3.1.3.2), N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase (EC3.5.1.28), NAD(P)H dehydrogenase-quinone (EC1.6.99.2), salivary lactoperoxidase (EC1.11.1.7), superoxide dismutase(EC1.15.1.1), glutathione transferase (EC2.5.1.18), class 3 aldehyde dehydrogenase (EC1.2.1.3), glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (EC5.3.1.9), and tissue kallikrein (EC3.4.21.35). The presence of these things causes saliva to sometimes have a foul odor.



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Use a bar of soap which has been held under warm water to soften it. Then I smear it on the lense and buff it off.
I do this to my goggles all the time when I motocross and never have any trouble with misting, no matter how hot and sweaty I get.
It's also works great on your car windscreen in the winter months too.


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I have something like pictured below:

I thought about using just the main rubber unit and head straps. With a little modification that would force all exhaust to exit in the chin area on a Vader bucket. It would be uber-cool if something like that could be made to mate up against the triangle area inside the mask. A perfect channel for air flow between face and mask- nowhere else for it to go except out or in. Mount your Mic in there too.


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Spit works, and as a firefighter, so does air. When my SCBA mask fogs up, I use the emergency bypass for a quick blast of air. Clears it up.

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Standard issue USAF chem maskes have a feature, where everytiem you breath in cool filtered air blows over the face sheild. Thus, no fogging.


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This works great for bathroom mirrors when you take a shower. I don't know why it wouldn't work for your helmet.

Take a VERY small amount of shaving cream and rub it in until you can't see it anymore. It's not a permanent solution as you have to reapply every month or so. But if you're only wearing your helmet once in a while...

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I use "Rain X: Anti Fog". Wipe down the lenses. And I have 3 squirel cage fans. Two tiny ones blowing down onto the lenses and one small one blowing air up. I wear my helmet for hours at a time and don't fog. Unless going from cold to hot. Like outside to inside, but the fogging only lasts for a couple minutes ang goes away. I'll try to get a pic.



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This probably won't work by itself, but maybe in addition to the other soap/solutions. When I was making padding to go inside my VM01, I inadvertently also made it so the padding itself forced all of my breath through the mouth grills. Padding that goes over my nose and just under my eyes, snuggy. I've not trooped in it, but I kept it on for quite a while just to see if it would fog up. It didn't at all. I'm sure I looked ridiculous as well.......

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In my Trooper bucket I used 2PC fans w/ 2 9v batteries and a lens product called "NEVERFOG". I bought it at pep boys and it works GREAT.